FoxFury Rugo Light for Photos and Video

FoxFury Rugo Light for Photos and Video


Oceanside, CA—FoxFury Lighting Solutions, LLC, a provider of innovative, portable lighting tools, introduced the FoxFury Rugo. The rugged, go-anywhere light is design for both photo and video capture.

The compact LED light unit is powered by a rechargeable Quick Swap power pack. It can mount to action cams, DSLRs, drones, tripods and other photographic devices. The Rugo’s Tri-Lens is engineered to allow the user to adjust the light beam, to improve image quality in low light and virtually no light conditions.

FoxFury Rugo

The Rugo was crafted to be a rugged, portable light source to open up new photo and video opportunities. Its user-friendly design features rechargeable Quick Swap power packs that can be implemented to extend shoot times and capabilities.

“The Rugo goes anywhere your camera can go and opens up new possibilities. Its versatility and power enable it to help get shots previously thought impossible with a compact light source,” said Antonio Cugini, director of Marketing for FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

At 700 lumens (max), the Rugo is bright enough to light subjects at up to 100 feet (30m) away. The light unit also features three interchangeable-lens settings (Tri-Lens). These options allow the user to quickly shift between area, flood and spot lighting.

FoxFury Rugo lights also attach to drones.

The Rugo includes a cold-shoe mount, ¼”–20 mount, standard mount, thumbscrews (two) and mount knobs (two), for use with multiple products, including action cameras and drones. A USB cable with a wall adapter is also included.

Furthermore, additional power packs are available through and select FoxFury distributors.

FoxFury Lighting Solutions

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is a maker of premium, portable lighting tools. Known for their cordless Nomad LED scene lights and panoramic headlamps since 2003, FoxFury has produced all-LED lighting solutions for professional markets. These markets include photo/video, fire, police, military as well as industrial.