GoPro Zeus Mini Magnetic Waterproof Light

GoPro Zeus Mini Magnetic Waterproof Light


San Mateo, CA—Mount it or wear it, the GoPro Zeus Mini is a magnetic, multipurpose waterproof light. The rechargeable light features a robust magnetic swiveling clip. Moreover, it is compatible with GoPro’s full line of camera mounts—making it convenient for a wide range of uses.

“The Zeus Mini brings to lighting what the Hero camera brings to cameras; incredible versatility, design and performance,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO. “Once you start using the Zeus Mini, you realize how convenient it is to have added light during so many situations. I now keep one in my car, one in my toolbox and also one in my backpack for on-the-go readiness. It’s addictively enabling.”

GoPro Zeus Mini

In addition, the Zeus Mini combines the illumination power of GoPro’s Light Mod with the versatility of its magnetic swivel clip. Subsequently, it is a convenient and compact, hands-free LED lighting solution.

GoPro Zeus Mini Key Features

The Zeus Mini makes it easy to add needed light to any situation, thanks to its integrated magnetic swiveling clip mount. Users can clip it to a belt or backpack strap. They can also snap it under the hood or a drainpipe; or they can use it as a freestanding light, just as they would a mini tripod.

Furthermore, unlike a dedicated headlamp, it will illuminate a scene without blinding everyone else. However, if a headlamp is needed, the lighting accessory clips to any hat or headband.

GoPro Zeus Mini

The device is waterproof to 33 feet and is rechargeable. It also features four levels of brightness. Additionally, for filming, it reaches 200 lumens with an included diffuser that delivers a cool 5000K color temperature tuned for GoPro cameras. There’s also a strobe mode to enable emergency signaling. What’s more, its built-in battery lasts for up to six hours.

The Zeus Mini is available now and retails for $69.99.