Light & Motion’s Stella 10K Lumen LED Light

Light & Motion’s Stella 10K Lumen LED Light

The Stella Pro 10,000c Single Point LED (spLED) Is Now Shipping to Retailers and Distributors


Marina, CA—Light & Motion is now shipping its Stella Pro 10,000c—its most compact, powerful and rugged LED light. The lighting device boasts the latest advancements in Light & Motion’s Chip on Board (COB) technology, putting 10,000 lumens in the palm of its user’s hand.

Light & Motion Stella Pro 10,000c

Compact and lightweight at 1.7 pounds, it has a durable shockproof and weatherproof design. This allows the Stella Pro 10,000c to be taken and set up in just about any location.

“If you compare the output of the Stella Pro 10,000c with a traditional HMI light, you’re looking at a setup that would be four times as big,” said Jeff Lazell, manager of Brand Marketing for Light & Motion. “10,000 lumens from a light that fits in the palm of your hand is unheard of. And with that in mind, we’re confident that users will be immediately drawn to the power, performance as well as portability of this system.”

Stella Pro 10,000c Features

Engineered with practicality mind, the Stella Pro 10,000c single-point LEstella-pro-10000c_backD (spLED) light is compatible with a range of snap-on light modifiers and mounts from Light & Motion. It also works with both AC and DC power.

The LED lighting device features a built-in variable speed fan for cooling. The fan automatically engages when the power output exceeds 8,000 lumens. Like all Stella spLED lights, the Pro 10,000c is designed to offer a smooth, evenly dispersed, flicker-free, 120º native beam. The beam is balanced at 5,000K across all power settings.

The Stella Pro 10,000c is available for $1,999. It includes a 50º focus optic, press-on barn doors, a C-mount stand and also a power supply.

Light & Motion

Light & Motion’s range of lightweight lights deliver certified high TLCI as well as high CRI in a daylight or Tungsten balanced head. The company is also among the few lighting brands to design and build their products in the USA. Additionally, it certifies its products to the FL-1 standard. Furthermore, all Light & Motion products come with a two-year enhanced guarantee.