Lume Cube Edge Desk Light for Video Calls & Livestreaming

Lume Cube Edge Desk Light for Video Calls & Livestreaming


San Diego, CA—Lume Cube launched its newest innovation, the Lume Cube Edge desk light. Doubling as a task light, the multifunctional Edge brightens workspaces to maximize productivity, enhance mood as well as improve users’ visual clarity while on camera. Lume Cube is a provider of modern portable lighting for creators and communicators.

Lume Cube Edge

“We created the Edge because we saw a gap in the market; the product aims to improve the daily life for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk or behind a computer,” said Riley Stricklin, Lume Cube president and cofounder.

“The traditional desk lamp is bulky and provides unflattering, eye-straining light; so we set out to design one that was sleek and ready for the modern world of Zoom calls and video streaming.”

Lume Cube Edge Features

The Edge features multilevel diffusion; adjustable brightness; USB charging ports; color temperature controls; as well as five pivot points for flexibility. Moreover, its lightweight construction allows the user to expand the potential for productivity both on and off camera. The unit can mount to any desk or table with its built-in clamp.

In addition, its Edge Lit technology transforms harsh light to soft easy-on-the-eyes illumination from all angles. The technology achieves color adjustability from 3200K–5600K; brightness adjustability from 0–100% in 1% increments; and a CRI of 97.

Lume Cube Edge

The Edge includes an A/C plug and two USB ports for more charging options.

“Studies show that properly illuminating your workspace and desk environment can lead to a 10%–50% increase in productivity, as well as a 30%–60% decrease in eye strain and screen-related headaches,” added Stricklin.

“Our single goal at Lume Cube is to create products that help our users be better at their chosen craft. Whether it’s creating content behind a camera or creating the next great business idea behind a desk, we aim to brighten those experiences and increase their effectiveness.”

Lume Cube Edge Light Pro Streamer Kit

Lume Cube offers the light in the Edge Light Pro Streamer Kit. The two-pack bundle provides two-point desktop lighting to eliminate shadows and prevent glare while livestreaming. The kit has a suggested retail price of $219.99. The desktop light is also sold as a single unit for $119.99.