Lume Cube Mobile Creator Kits for Vloggers & YouTubers

Lume Cube Mobile Creator Kits for Vloggers & YouTubers


San Diego, CA—A provider of portable lighting for creators and communicators, Lume Cube unveiled its newest innovation, the Lume Cube Mobile Creator Kits. The kits address the needs of content creators with varying styles and levels of expertise.

“Content creation is more relevant than ever, both as a profession and a hobby,” said Riley Stricklin, Lume Cube’s president and cofounder. “Over the last year, we’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of platforms like YouTube and TikTok. With the content creation audience being one of our most prominent, we saw an opportunity to cater to the growing needs of this group. Whether a creator is just starting out or really looking to take their content game to the next level, the Mobile Creator Kit line has an option for everyone.”

Lume Cube Mobile Creator Kits

The new Mobile Creator Kit features the company’s new Mobile Creator Stand and other select lighting and audio products. It is available in three separate variations. Each is designed to meet the needs of creators of all levels.

Lume Cube Mobile Creator Stand

Mobile Creator Stand

With mobility in mind, the brand-new Mobile Creator Stand functions both handheld and handsfree. Moreover, it offers creators the opportunity to add variation to their content. The stand boasts a 360º rotating mount and 290º tilt angle for portrait or landscape mobile content. Subsequently it is an option for creating content for TikTok and YouTube, as well as for going live on all social platforms.

In addition, the stand has two built-in attachment points to complete the rig. It also features an extension grip and adjustable base for comfortable holding and steady support. The Mobile Creator Stand retails for $59.95.

Mobile Creator Lighting Kit

This new lighting kit includes the Mobile Creator Stand along with the company’s best-selling Lume Cube Panel Mini. Additionally, the company says the lighting kit “allows users to take their content to the next level by offering variation in lighting with an added touch of custom mobility to create the ideal moment.” Consequently, the kit is a solution for vlogging or TikToking in any environment, day or night.

The Mobile Creator Lighting Kit has an SRP of $119.95.

Lume Cube Mobile Creator Lighting and Audio Kit

Mobile Creator Lighting and Audio Kit

Finally, this is the most advanced of the three kits. The Mobile Creator Lighting and Audio Kit comprises the Mobile Creator Stand, the Panel Mini and a Röde VideoMicro compact on-camera microphone with a Rycote Lyre shock mount. Further, the kit enables a completely customized content creation experience; it permits users advanced control over lighting, audio and mobility. This kits sells for $179.95.

What’s more, these kits are the first in a collection of new products Lume Cube plans to release in 2021. “We have a lot of exciting innovation in store for the brand this year,” added Stricklin. “Last year was huge for development in the video communications space; we’re so grateful to have been a leader in that conversation. We’re really looking forward to sharing what we’ve been working on with the world and continuing to encourage content creation and creativity across many different platforms.”