Lume Cube Tube Light Creative Lighting Tool

Lume Cube Tube Light Creative Lighting Tool


Carlsbad, CA—Its most requested all-time drop, Lume Cube debuted the app-controlled Lume Cube Tube Light in two sizes for content creators of all types. The new creative lighting series is available as the 4-foot Tube Light XL as well as the 1-foot Tube Light Mini 

Lume Cube Tube Light XL

This 4-foot app-controlled creative lighting device is for photographers, filmmakers and creators looking to elevate their content. Moreover, the RGB light offers more than 16 million color options.

Lume Cube Tube Lights Setup

Content creators can access seven preprogrammed special effects as well as customize frequency. You can adjust color temperature from 2700K to 7500K. Lighting effects include loop, strobe, lightning, fire, candle, siren as well as TV. Plus, green/magenta tint control enables lighting accuracy. You can fine-tune the lighting’s tint to match any shooting atmosphere.

Lume Cube Tube Light XL

The light also provides unlimited HSI & CCT light adjustment, and a stepless brightness (0-100%) offers smooth and seamless brightness control. In addition, it features 492 LEDs and boasts a CRI rating of 96+ (2000 lux, 1.6 feet) and 3400 lumens of light output.

Further, a premium aluminum body offers durability and the ability to use the Tube Light anywhere. What’s more, via Bluetooth, the Lume Control app and a phone, you can match the light to any color with its photo eyedropper. You can also sync multiple units and adjust special effects from a distance.

The portable light allows you to work untethered. Its rechargeable lithium battery provides 288 minutes of average run time and 96 minutes at 100% brightness. In addition, there’s a battery life indicator that displays to-the-minute battery life, automatically updating as settings change. The battery can also work as a power bank, charging other devices (output power: 56Wh).

Four feet long, the Tube Light XL weighs just over 3 pounds. It comes with aluminum tripod legs; two coated steel loops + mounting bolts; an AC power adapter; as well as a padded travel bag. It has a suggested retail price of $399.99. Lume Cube will ship the Tube Light XL beginning June 15.

Tube Light Mini

The Bluetooth app-controlled RGB Lume Cube Tube Light Mini offers many of the features of its larger sibling. They include seven preprogrammed special effects; customizable frequency; green/magenta tint control; HSI & CCT adjustment; stepless brightness (0-100%); as well as a premium aluminum body. Lume-Cube-Tube-Lights_FeaturedImage_Light_Accuracy

Additionally, this light has a CRI rating of 96+ and 950 lumens (1.6 feet) of light output. It features 124 LEDs and color temperature adjustability from 2700K to 7500K.

Its rechargeable lithium battery provides 192 minutes at 50% power and 102 minutes at 100% power. It also features a battery life indicator and can function as a power bank.

Lume Cube Tube Light Mini

In addition, it offers flexible mounting options with rotating, built-in magnetic end caps. Shock-resistant, the Tube Light Mini measures 1 foot in length and weighs 12.3 ounces.

The Lume Cube Tube Light Mini comes with a mini tripod; wrist strap; USB power cable; and molded hard-shell travel case. SRP: $169.99.