Nissin i600: Entry to Professional On-Camera Flash

Nissin i600: Entry to Professional On-Camera Flash


Claremont, NH—New England Imaging Dist. (NEID), the North American distributor of Nissin Digital products, in conjunction with Nissin Japan Limited, introduced the i600 advanced on-camera flash with optical wireless capability.

The simple-to-use, high-powered flash is compatible with today’s smaller mirrorless cameras. “The straightforward design allows any photographer, beginner or professional, to quickly begin using this flash,” the company announced. Models for Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony as well as Panasonic/Olympus mirrorless cameras will ship in early June 2019.

Nissin i600 Features

The i600 flash provides a power output of 60GN (at ISO 100, 200mm) in a portable compact design. In addition, the device has various slave settings for flexible optical wireless flash combinations with original camera flash systems. It is also capable of bounce positions: up 0°– 90°; left 0°–180°; and right 0°–180°.

Nissin i600

Furthermore, the unit has two control dials: mode set and EV set. A light will illuminate to indicate the position of the flash setting. The mode dial, which includes A, M, TTL, SF, SD as well as optical wireless (A/B/C group), is adjustable. In addition, nine steps of adjustment output readings are shown on the power dial.

The Nissin i600 also provides a zoom range that is adjustable from 24–200mm automatically. Moreover, the flash has a built-in diffuser that offers a coverage of 16mm. Users also can extend and retract the fill-in reflector (bounce card) even when an optional soft box is installed. Nissin-Digital-NA-Logo

In addition, for high-speed synchronization (HSS), the i600 supports up to 1/8,000-second shutter speeds. It also offers a color temperature of 5,600K and provides a flash duration of 1/800–1/20,000 second.

Other features include: 1st and 2nd curtain synchronization; red-eye reduction; slow synchronization (depending on camera); and FE/ FV lock (set on camera).

Four AA batteries power the Nissin i600. Measuring 4.4×2.9×3.6 inches and weighing 11 ounces, it will retail for $239.99.