Nissin Ultracompact i60A Flash

Nissin Ultracompact i60A Flash


Meriden, NH—With the growing popularity of mirrorless cameras as well as compact DSLR cameras, Nissin recognized the need for an ultracompact flash unit. The result is the Nissin i60A, which recently garnered a TIPA Award as the Best Portable Flash for 2016.

Nissin i60A, back

Distributed in the U.S. by Minox USA, the palm-size, high-powered 2.4GHz wireless flash weighs approximately 10.8 ounces. By reducing the weight as well as the size of the flash unit, Nissin claims the i60A is “the smallest and lightest in the high-power portable flash field.”

The flash will come in versions for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and also Micro Four Thirds-format camera systems. Even with its compact size, the i60A delivers a power output of 60GN at ISO 100. In addition, it has a 200mm zoom head position, and users can connect it to an external power source to reduce the flash recycle time. The zoom range can be auto or manually adjusted from 24mm to 200mm.

Nissin i60A

The professional-design flash head rotates horizontally 180º to the right and left; it also tilts up 90º, making it suitable for close-up photography. The flash incorporates the Nissin Air System (NAS), a newly developed 2.4GHz radio transmission wireless flash system. Compared with traditional optical wireless transmitters, the 2.4GHz radio transmission is said to be less susceptible to angle and obstacle limitations and provides coverage of up to 98 feet.

Additional Nissin i60A Features

Other i60A features include: a color LCD and switch dial design to take full control of the flash; a video light function with nine steps of output level adjustment; high-speed synchronization, with support for a 1/8,000-second shutter speed; a metal hot shoe design with a quick release button (not available in the Sony version due to limitation of the multi-interface shoe design); and four AA batteries supply the power for flash operation.

Nissin’s i60A flash is now available in the Sony version. Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm models will ship in June, while Canon and Nikon versions are scheduled for July. The retail price for the Nissin i60 flash is $339.99. and