Phottix Announces Spartan Beauty Dish

Phottix Announces Spartan Beauty Dish

New Lighting Accessory Is Both a Beauty Dish and Octa Soft Box


Hong Kong, China—Phottix, a Hong Kong-based photographic lighting and accessories manufacturer, announced the Spartan beauty dish. An on-location light modifier, the Phottix Spartan is designed to easily assemble using flexible rods. The company says this is “a huge benefit over the time-consuming setup of traditional octa soft boxes.”

Made from high-grade materials, the collapsible beauty dish offers a white interior to produce softer, more even light. Included in the kit are a metal beauty dish “disk,” eight rods, an inner baffle, a front diffuser, a fabric grid and a screw set and rod for the disk.

Phottix Spartan

Created to be more than just a beauty dish, the Spartan transforms into a traditional octa soft box by replacing the metal diffuser with the included internal baffle. Users can add the outer diffuser for even more softness. Or they can use the grid to make the light directional.

The beauty dish comes in two sizes: 50cm/20 inches and 70cm/28 inches, for use with single subjects and couples. It’s compatible with Phottix speed rings and with all popular brands of studio lights, like the Phottix Indra. It can also be mounted to the Phottix Cerberus hot shoe flash mount.

The Phottix Spartan is available for the following suggested retail prices: $120, 50cm/20-inch beauty dish; $145, 70cm/28-inch beauty dish.


Holder of 40 patents, Phottix is most known for its Phottix Odin TTL flash trigger. The Odin is the first trigger to feature full TTL and manual power plus flash zoom control. The Phottix Mitros+ TTL transceiver flash builds a radio TTL flash trigger and receiver into a hot shoe flash. Also in its lineup are the Phottix Strato and Ares series of flash triggers, the Hector 7HD LCD remote and shutter releases. All Phottix products are developed with feedback from professional photographer, to assist in overcoming the challenges they face.