ProMaster 170SL Speedlight Added for Sony Multi-Interface Shoe

ProMaster 170SL Speedlight Added for Sony Multi-Interface Shoe


Fairfield, CT—ProMaster expanded its speedlight lineup with the ProMaster 170SL flash unit that is compatible with the Sony multi-interface shoe. The ProMaster 170SL offers full TTL and advanced distance integration (ADI) support, joining ProMaster’s Canon eTTL and Nikon iTTL compatible 170SL models. ProMaster is a leading brand in accessories for still photography and videography.

ProMaster 170SL Key Features

Designed to function flawlessly with Sony’s flash system, the 170SL works on-camera or off. It integrates fully with Sony’s CTRL, CTRL+, CTRL+ RATIO, RMT and RMT2 optical wireless TTL systems in both master and slave modes.

ProMaster 170SL for Sony Cameras

In addition, the speedlight can be controlled from the camera or from the button-driven LCD menu on the back of the unit. Moreover, it provides +/- 3 EV exposure compensation in TTL mode. It also features 22 levels of light output control in manual mode. The flash additionally supports rear curtain sync and stroboscopic shooting.

Furthermore, it boasts a guide number of 52m/170 feet. Also, its two-lens, automatic flash head provides light with a color temperature of 5,600K.

Offering a zoom range from 24–180mm, the 170SL features a built-in bounce reflector. It also has a wide-diffusion panel that provides 18mm of flash coverage.

The 170SL also has a robust chassis. “The durable bounce/swivel head, metal quick-release foot, high-quality buttons and switches, high-grade motors and capacitors, and built-in thermal cutoff protection are the foundation of the 170SL’s exquisite technical features,” the company announced.

ProMaster 170SL

The ProMaster 170SL speedlight retails for $189.95. It is bundled with a storage case that houses four spare AA batteries plus an off-camera flash stand.


For more than 59 years, ProMaster has sold products exclusively through independently owned stores. The company offers a variety of accessories for still cameras, video cameras and mobile phones. ProMaster products are available in the U.S., Canada and Australia.