Sirui 100W Series LED Monolights Show at NAB 2023

Sirui 100W Series LED Monolights Show at NAB 2023


Las Vegas, NV—Sirui USA showcased its full range of products at the NAB Show, including support systems (tripods, monopods), optical lenses (anamorphic and full-frame cine lenses), lighting equipment as well as accessories. Among the new products were the Sirui 100W series LED monolights.

The Sirui 100W series LED monolights come in two versions: CS100 daylight and CS100B bicolor. The monolights feature a constant output, a universal Bowens mount as well as color accuracy. As a result, the compact LED monolights are a solution for portraits, products, commercials, interviews, short films and livestreaming. 

Sirui 100W Series LED Monolights

The fixtures are also lightweight and portable to meet various scenarios. The CS100 measures approximately 8.3×4.7 inches and weighs 3 pounds. The CS100B has the same dimensions and weighs just over 3 pounds. However, the light body is constructed with durable aluminum alloy.

Sirui 100W Series LED Monolights -CS100_DJ280_1800x1800
Sirui CS100

The monolights also offer two control methods. Users can control the lights via onboard controls featuring a minimalist design with only two dials. Further, they can opt to use the Sirui Light app and the control the monolights via Bluetooth.

The CS100 Daylight version will seamlessly blend with other daylight-balanced fixtures. It provides a 5600K temp. The CS100B Bicolor version is built for smooth transitions from tungsten to daylight as well as a 2700K to 6500K range. Sirui-CS100B-effects-Sirui 100W Series LED Monolights

Both boast practical lighting effects with adjustable intensity and speed. To meet a variety of scenarios, the CS100 has eight effects: lightning, flash, firework, impulse, broken bulb, TV, welding and SOS. The CS100B offers 12 effects, adding candle, fire, blast as well as CCT loop. 

In addition, the devices offer high output. The CS100 delivers 4,000 lux at 1m; the CS100B, 3,600 lux at 1m. Along with that, their high CRI 96 and TLCI 98 scores allow them to reproduce accurate colors.

Furthermore, an included grip permits 180º tilting of the fixture. Consequently, they are options for handheld and fixed shooting.

Sirui-CS100B-left-Sirui 100W Series LED Monolights
Sirui CS100B

In addition to an included 13-foot AC power cord, the monolights have a universal Bowens mount for compatibility with a rage of accessories and modifiers. They include a bundled reflector as well as optional softboxes and lightstands.

Sirui expects to ship both by early May. The CS100 has a suggested retail price of $119. The CS100B sells for $149.