Sirui Blaze LED Monolight Series: 150W/300W Bicolor and Daylight

Sirui Blaze LED Monolight Series: 150W/300W Bicolor and Daylight


Verona, NJ—Sirui launched a new photography light series. The Sirui Blaze LED monolight series comprises 150W and 300W bicolor and daylight LED fixtures.

Moreover, the monolights relatively small form factor allows photographers to hand-hold the light fixture for outdoor shooting.

“Various practical features, such as strong and constant output, realistic lighting effects, stunning color reproduction and ultra-silent fans, make these lights ideal for film, broadcast, video and commercial production,” Sirui announced.

Sirui Blaze LED Monolight Series

Sirui’s Blaze series includes four versions of LED monolights: the C150 daylight, the C150B bicolor, the C300 daylight and the C300B bicolor lights.

Sirui Blaze LED Monolight Series

Moreover, the Blaze monolights are smaller than their counterparts. The C300 daylight, for example, is made as compact as a 150W LED fixture. As a result, these lights can be safely mounted on lightweight stands.

In addition, the head units and control boxes are built of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. And the lights feature a CRI of 96 and TLCI of 98. Consequently, the Blaze series can deliver natural light and reproduce accurate colors.

Further, the series offers a range of lighting effects. The C150 and C300 daylight fixtures offer a 5600K color temperature and eight realistic effects: lightning, flash, broken bulb, TV, SOS, fireworks, impulse and welding. These monolights are solutions for livestreaming, studio shoots, portraiture as well as interviews.

Sirui Blaze C150

The bicolor C150B and C300B provide a CCT range of 2800K to 8500K as well as 12 built-in lighting FX. They add four additional effects to those of the daylight units: candle, fire, CCT loop and blast. Additionally, these lights are options for film/video production, creative shoots, commercial shoots as well as portraiture.  

Other Features

The lights also integrate two fans to ensure good heat dissipation at high output levels. Engineered for quiet operation, they are solutions for sound-sensitive environments. The monolights also boast 360º of rotation, enabling photographers to mount the light in any position. Further, two locking knobs keep the yoke securely attached to the light.

In addition, the allow optional Control methods. The control box is separate from the head unit. This allows users to adjust the settings regardless of where the light is positioned. Or, photographers can control the lights via Bluetooth using the Sirui Light app. Further, users can choose the DMX control.

Sirui Blaze LED monolight -Sirui-Blaze-C150-monolight
Sirui Blaze C150, back

With dual power supply, the lights support both indoor and outdoor use. They are powered by one 150W V-mount battery of two separately sold 300W V-mount batteries.

Further, the fixtures have universal Bowens mounts to work with a variety of accessories and modifiers. Plus, an included hand strap allows photographers to hang the light as well as mount in on a stand.

The Sirui Blaze LED monolight series has the following suggested retail prices: 150W bicolor, $469; 150W daylight, $369; 300W bicolor, $749; and 300W daylight, $649. Sirui also offers them in a 150W/300W bicolor bundle for $1,218 and a 150W/300W daylight bundle for $1,918.