Sony HVL-F60RM Flagship Guide Number 60 Flash

Sony HVL-F60RM Flagship Guide Number 60 Flash


San Diego, CA—Sony Electronics’ flagship HVL-F60RM flash addresses the needs of the increasing numbers of professional photographers adopting the Sony α system. The HVL-F60RM is engineered for high-power flash output, reliable continuous performance and advanced control features with integrated radio control options.

The HVL-F60RM has a guide number of 60. In addition, it covers illumination angles from 20mm to 200mm to provide uniform wide-range zoom coverage without shading, with continuous shooting up to 220v flashes. The unit also features heat-resistant materials and deploys new advanced algorithms. As a result, its heat resistance is 4x more than the previous model, HVL-F60M.

Sony HVL-F60RM

Further improvements were made to the recycle time. It was reduced to 1.7 seconds or 0.6 second with the new external battery adapter (FA-EBA1, $250). The flash also adopts Sony’s Quick Shift Bounce technology. This allows photographers to quickly shift from horizontal to vertical orientation, 90º left or right, upward by up to 150º and downward by 8º for flexible positioning and optimum lighting.

Moreover, independent light output level (LEVEL -/+) buttons enable control of output or compensation. In addition, a comprehensive display facilitates adjustments and flash output level confirmation. It also provides intuitive access to flash output settings for paired wireless flashes.

Furthermore, flash functions can be assigned to the unit’s four-way controller, center button and control wheel for access when required. Also, TTL flash output can be memorized and recalled in manual mode for immediate use or use after minor adjustment.

HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Communication

A prerequisite for studio setups, its wireless radio communication is nondirectional. This allows receiver flash units to be positioned anywhere up to nearly 100 feet from the camera. This is true even in situations where reflectors or other obstacles would interfere with optical communication.

Sony HVL-F60RM on-camera

Moreover, the HVL-F60RM mounted on a compatible camera functioning as the transmitter can be paired with off-camera units functioning as receivers. Photographers can use 15 flash units, assigned in five groups, without experiencing interference from other electronic devices.

Other features include dust- and moisture-resistant construction and the metal foot of the multi-interface shoe connection was redesigned for increased rigidity and reliability.

Sony is also offering an optional rain guard, FA-RG1 ($25). The accessory provides added protection to the connection between the flash and camera. Sony’s HVL-F60RM flash will be available in April for a suggested retail price of $600.