Westcott FlexiGels for FJ400 Strobe

Westcott FlexiGels for FJ400 Strobe


Maumee, OH—A custom-made lighting accessory for the Westcott FJ400 400Ws AC/DC strobe light, Westcott FlexiGels were added to the company’s product lineup.

The patent-pending FlexiGels are reusable silicone color gels that fit to the glass dome of the FJ400. What’s more, the FlexiGels add a pop of color to photos without the headaches of traditional film-based gels.

Westcott FlexiGels

“FlexiGels solve the long-lasting problem of mounting gels within a light modifier,” the company announced.

Westcott FlexiGels

Further, the eight-pack of reusable color gels includes red, orange, light orange (similar to CTO), yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. Photographers can slide one of the flexible rubber gels over the FJ400 strobe’s glass dome for creative lighting possibilities. In addition, the lighting accessory is a solution for adding color to backdrops, rim lighting or hair lighting.

Westcott FlexiGels Colors

The reusable gels are durable, heat resistant as well as tear resistant. Moreover, unlike film-based gels, they do not require gaffer’s tape or clips to hold them in place. With a FlexiGel attached to a FJ400 strobe, photographers can mount a Rapid Box Switch, umbrellas and softboxes.

The FlexiGels are compatible with third-party strobes that have a 2″ (height) x 3.4″ (diameter) glass dome as well as adequate ventilation hole alignment. Additionally, they come with a travel-friendly microfiber storage case that is lint-free.

Westcott FlexiGels on FJ400

Westcott FlexiGels are available in a pack of eight with a suggested retail price of $79.70. 


A manufacturer of photographic umbrellas since 1899, Westcott has a long history of designing products and providing top-notch customer service. Moreover, 50 years, eight patents and more than 600 products later, the company is still manufacturing lighting equipment for professional filmmakers and photographers.