MakerBot Inspires the 3D Designer in Everyone with MakerBot PrintShop App

MakerBot Inspires the 3D Designer in Everyone with MakerBot PrintShop App


Brooklyn, NY—Anyone with an iPad and a fifth generation MakerBot Replicator 3D printer can now unleash their inner 3D designer using MakerBot PrintShop, an app that’s designed to provide a fun, easy and free way to create and 3D print all kinds of things. With MakerBot PrintShop, consumers of all ages interested in 3D printing can make signs, letters, nameplates, custom bracelets, rings and many more items.

Optimized to be the ultimate companion app for MakerBot’s fifth generation Replicator desktop 3D printers, especially the Replicator Mini compact 3D printer, PrintShop is the first app created for people with no experience in 3D printing and no design experience. The consumer-friendly app is said to have no learning curve. MakerBot PrintShop guides users through an intuitive interface that virtually creates custom 3D prints in minutes. All MakerBot PrintShop selected prints are MakerBot verified, and there’s no guesswork, sizing or use of complicated design software. The app also works over Wi-Fi, so users can log on, create and print to a Wi-Fi enabled fifth generation MakerBot Replicator 3D printer.

“With the introduction of MakerBot PrintShop, we believe we have finally provided a piece of software that helps bring 3D printing to the masses,” said Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot. “We have removed the obstacle of not knowing 3D design to be able to 3D print. MakerBot PrintShop takes that challenge out of the equation and makes 3D printing fun and easy, as well as accessible for all ages and skill levels.”

Utilizing the power of the cloud to access a library of MakerBot verified designs and customizable objects, MakerBot PrintShop provides several tools designed to 3D print things, including three initial launch features of MakerBot PrintShop: Type Maker, Ring Maker and Bracelet Maker.

MakerBot PrintShop Type Maker is the first type tool created by MakerBot for 3D printing letters, words, nameplates, signs and more. With MakerBot PrintShop Ring Maker, budding jewelry designers can custom-size and 3D print creative rings that sport a range of interchangeable tops, such as a crown, bell, diamond, viking helmet, baseball cap, flower, owl, turtle shell, coffeemaker, cone and even a photo frame with a photo insert. The MakerBot PrintShop Bracelet Maker enables users to create, size and 3D print bracelets featuring abstract patterns and designs.

All items can be printed in various color combinations from the 20-plus MakerBot PLA filament colors available. For users who want to save their designs for future printing, the app allows for storage of designs in a personal MakerBot Cloud Library. Users can also use the app to monitor, pause and cancel 3D print jobs remotely via a Wi-Fi connection.