Manfrotto Expands KLYP+ Photography & Videography iPhone Accessories

Manfrotto Expands KLYP+ Photography & Videography iPhone Accessories


Upper Saddle River, NJ—Manfrotto, a manufacturer of photo, video and lighting support products, expanded its KLYP+ line of accessories for iPhone 6 photographers and videographers. Manfrotto’s KLYP+ lineup is designed to enable users to transform their phone into an all-in-one photographic solution to deliver high-quality images and videos.

The lineup includes: a new design to the KLYP+ case, which is available in black, white and red; six interchangeable lenses; an LED light with a tripod mount; and a Pixi mini tripod. All of the lenses are compatible with the KLYP+ bumpers and cases for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which will be available in July.

KLYP+ Case. Focused on functionality and photographic performance, while guaranteeing protection from scratches and falls, the case also serves as a rail system for LED lights, lenses and tripod mount attachments. It comes with a lens thread connection to allow quick connection of one of its interchangeable lenses. The case’s profile also permits users to connect the LED light and tripod mount in multiple positions. Included is a kickstand that doubles as a ¼ attachment to provide basic support and connection to tripods.

KLYP+ Lenses.
Crafted of solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass, the lenses include a fisheye, telephoto 1.5x, telephoto 3x, wide angle and macro, super wide angle, and polarizer.

KLYP+ LED Light.
The portable, lightweight light features Surface Mount technology, displaying a 60° beam angle and 225 lumens for bright images in low-light conditions and serving as a soft fill light. “The selection of high-quality LEDs ensures vivid colors and natural skin tones in pictures and videos, proven by the high color rendition (CRI Index > 80%),” notes Manfrotto. The LED light is dimmable at three levels of intensity and can be recharged via USB.

Additionally, Manfrotto improved the KLYPapp+ functionalities, adding new postproduction features so users can enhance their iPhone camera’s performance and personalize their images and videos. The app’s layout and user interface are optimized for iOS8.

The full line of KLYP+ 6 accessories is available now at the following MSRPs: KLYP+ 6 fisheye lens, $29.99; KLYP+ 6 tele 3x lens, $29.99; KLYP+ 6 power lens kit, $49.99; KLYP+ 6 creative lens kit, $49.99; KLYP+ 6 case, LED light kit, $79.99; KLYP+ 6 case, fisheye kit, $49.99; KLYP+ 6 case, tele 3x kit, $49.99; KLYP+ 6 case, Pixi mini tripod, $44.99; and KLYP+ 6 complete kit, $124.99.