Manfrotto Launches Photo & Video Lighting Accessories

Manfrotto Launches Photo & Video Lighting Accessories


Upper Saddle River, NJ—Manfrotto, a global manufacturer of photo, video and lighting support products and accessories, announced the launch of: the Lykos portable light with the latest LED technology (Surface Mount technology); the Astra 1×1 family from Litepanels; Croma2, MicroPro2 and Spectra2 new-generation, compact on-camera LED lights; and the rebranding of Lastolite to Lastolite by Manfrotto with the new Ezybox Speed-Lite 2, Perspective Backgrounds and EzyBounce Bounce Card.

Lykos LED Lights Collection

Powered by Litepanels, Lykos LED panels come in two versions: Daylight and Bi-Color. Designed to provide high illuminance in a compact size, they are geared for photographers and videographers on the go who need a lightweight light source.

Capable of 1600 lux at daylight color temperature, Lykos Daylight is centered at 5600K. Lykos Bi-Color is capable to 1500 lux at daylight color temperature and 1300 tungsten, providing the possibility to change color temperature from warm white (3000K) to cold white (5600K). A color LCD display on the back of the unit allows monitoring of the functions. Lykos LED lights can be operated by L-type Li-ion batteries or by mains through the included AC adapter.

Lykos Bi-Color LED

All units are Bluetooth-ready, and an optional Bluetooth dongle permits remote control through an iPhone app or via the Digital Director app. Controllable functions are on/off switch, dimming 0%–100%, color temperature regulation, grouping of lights, and recall of previously stored scene settings.

Each Lykos includes a ball head, gel filter set and plugs for different countries. Additionally, Manfrotto offers the Lykos soft box, an optional accessory to be used in combination with Lykos LED panels to create soft lighting and soften shadows in the images. It can be set up in seconds without any tools and the diffuser film is specifically designed for LED Lighting, reducing the light output by 1 to 3 f/stops.

Lykos LED panels and accessories are available for the following MSRPs: Lykos Daylight LED, $449.99; Lykos Bi-Color LED, $514.99; Lykos Bluetooth dongle, $99.99; and Lykos soft box, $49.99.

Astra 1×1 Family by Litepanels

The family of Astra 1×1 fixtures are built on the legacy of the original 1×1 panel for professional photographers and videographers. Every design element of these next-generation panels were crafted to deliver “a new standard in the form and function needed for independent and field production as well as studio installations,” according to Manfrotto.

Following the Litepanels tradition of a one-square-foot form factor, the Astra 1×1 fixtures employ upgraded technology and select premium-quality, high CRI surface mount LEDs, paired with custom-designed TIR (total internal reflector) optics. These tightly binned LEDs and fine-tuned optics are built to provide superior color reproduction and a light output that is brighter than the original 1×1 panel with 5mm LEDs.

Astra 1×1 E Daylight M

Engineered in Los Angeles, California, the Astra 1×1 family offers full-spectrum soft light, with visually accurate color temperature. They feature AC or DC power options and maintain smooth dimming from 100% to 0%, with no noticeable color shift. Specs state they also offer flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle..

The Astra 1×1 range of professional LED panels have the following MSRPs: Astra 1×1 Daylight M, $1,169.99, L, $1,300; Astra 1×1 EP Bi-Color M, $989.99, L, $1,100; Astra 1×1 E Daylight M, $598.99, L, $665; Astra 1×1 E Bi-Color M, $760.99, L, $845.

Croma2, MicroPro2 and Spectra2 On-Camera LED Panels

Powered by Litepanels, the Croma2, MicroPro2 and Spectra2 are the new generation of compact, on-camera LED lights for professional and advanced hobbyist videographers and photographers. They employ the latest LED technology, SMT (Surface Mount technology), in a portable size, said to guarantee images with “perfect color rendition and improved optical efficiency.”

Litepanels MicroPro2

Both the Croma2 ($418.99) and MicroPro2 ($349.99) LED panels embed new lenses that were specifically created for high efficiency and CRI (Color Rendering Index). The intensity of the LED devices can be controlled: Croma2 up to 900 lux and MicroPro2 up to 940 lux. Color temperature in the Croma2 can be regulated from 3,100K to 5,600K to match the existing ambient lighting. MicroPro2 is Daylight 5,600K and permits the color correction thanks to the diffuser and gel filter included in the pack.

Both units operate on six AA batteries, from mains through the included AC adapter or on L-type Li-ion batteries through the included battery adaptor. They can also be used on-camera with the included ball head or as off-camera lighting.

Spectra2. The most compact LED panel in the pro range, the Spectra2 also features SMT technology and can be used as either an on-camera or off-camera unit. The LED device is capable of emitting 650 lux, is dimmable and provides an increase in light output in boost mode (+50%). The color temperature is Daylight 5,600K but it can be changed thanks to the bundled diffuser and filter gel. The Spectra2 also operates on six AA batteries or via optional AC or L-type Li-ion battery adapters. $219.99

Lastolite by Manfrotto Ezybox Speed-Lite 2, Perspective Backgrounds & Bounce Card

The rebranded Lastolite by Manfrotto lighting accessories line launched with the Ezybox Speed-Lite 2, new Perspective Backgrounds and the EzyBounce bounce card.

Ezybox Speed-Lite 2. An improvement of the existing Ezybox Speed-Lite, it is a compact 8.66×8.66-inch soft box that attaches onto a flashgun, whether it’s on-camera or off. It’s designed to deliver soft light thanks to its two diffusion layers. Used together, the inner and outer diffusers produce a two-stop light loss, delivering softness of light on the subject. The inner diffuser panel distributes the light evenly across the outer diffusion panel, preventing center hotspots and light loss in the corners; the outer diffusion panel provides additional softness.

Lastolite by Manfrotto Ezybox Speed-Lite 2

The new design securely attaches and sits higher on the flashgun, to provide greater front-mounted sensor visibility, improve external metering, wireless functionality and AF assist. A new folding mechanism enables the device to quickly collapse and store, while a new fixing mechanism utilizes a silicon strap in conjunction with a tensioning dial. This enables photographers to customize the fitting according to their specific flashgun.

The unit is 30% lighter than the previous version to make it more comfortable to carry while mounted on a flashgun or in a camera bag. It comes with a carry bag and is geared for advanced hobbyists who are learning lighting and experimenting with new techniques, as well as pros. $68.99.

Perspective Backgrounds. Three new SKUs of backgrounds offer a three-dimensional perspective look.  Each 5×7-foot background is double-sided, providing two unique looks in one product. As with other Lastolite collapsible backgrounds, these collapse to one-third of their original size and include a carry bag. Steps/Trees Perspective Background, $207.99; Arch/Grecian, $207.99; and Evening/Ivy, $207.99

EzyBounce Bounce Card. This foldable, compact bounce card fits directly and securely to a shoe-mounted flashgun. Designed to help photographers achieve a softer lighting effect by eliminating the harsh shadows that may occur when using direct flash, the card provides four on-flash configurations. It also features a unique fixing strap that allows it to be fit to the majority of shoe-mounted flashguns. With carry case, $29.99.