Sigma sd Quattro and sd Quattro H Mirrorless Cameras Debut

Sigma sd Quattro and sd Quattro H Mirrorless Cameras Debut


Ronkonkoma, NY—Sigma’s new sd Quattro mirrorless camera features a Foveon Quattro APS-C-size sensor while its sd Quattro H sibling touts a larger APS-H-size sensor. Engineered for high image quality and fast processing, both are designed to take advantage of Sigma Global Vision lenses.

The interchangeable-lens cameras have similar designs with compact, magnesium alloy bodies that are dust- and splashproof, making them suitable for harsh conditions.

Sigma sd Quattro

Shared features include a two-mode autofocus detection system that combines phase detection for focus speed and contrast detection for focus accuracy. The focus settings were enhanced with movement prediction, face detection, free movement and focus peaking modes.

Their 2.3MP viewfinder displays offer close to a 100% field of view. When placed in “auto,” the cameras toggle between the viewfinder when the user has the camera to their eye and then to the LCD when the camera is lowered. A super-fine detail mode brings out the full potential of the Quattro sensor by capturing seven exposures with one shot and merging them for “exceptional dynamic range.” Images can be extracted individually as well. And an updated algorithm for auto white balance allows for greater accuracy, even with multiple light sources.

Sigma sd Quattro H

The sd Quattro’s sensor produces image quality comparable to that of a 39MP Bayer-pattern sensor on resolution testing. The stacked Foveon Direct sensor captures all detail information on the top 19.6MP layer along with color information for the blue channel. The two 5MP layers below capture red and green information, all without a low pass filter. Merged together they are said to create image quality comparable to medium-format files.

The sd Quattro H boasts a larger APS-H sensor (26.6×17.9mm) and can produce images equivalent to that of a 51MP Bayer-pattern sensor on resolution testing. Pricing to be announced.