Olympus Stylus Tough TG-6 Rugged P&S

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-6 Rugged P&S


Center Valley, PA—Olympus expanded its line of rugged, adventure point-and-shoot cameras with the Stylus Tough TG-6. For go-anywhere shooting, the everything-proof camera employs a fast, wide-angle 25–100mm f/2–4.9 zoom (equivalent) lens, a backlit 12MP CMOS sensor with antireflective coating and a TruePic VIII processor.

Dual Pane Glass

Notably, the floatable Tough TG-6 is waterproof to a depth of 50 feet, dustproof, shockproof to handle a 7-foot fall, crushproof to withstand 220 lbf and freezeproof to 14ºF. It also features nitrogen-filled, sealed dual-pane protective glass construction for antifogging performance.

Sealing throughout the entire body and double-lock construction on the battery cover additionally provide waterproof performance.

Also, a new optional fisheye converter lens that supports fisheye-effect photography is available for the Tough TG-6. Olympus also announced a lineup of other accessories for expanded shooting possibilities.

Olympus-Stylus Tough-TG-6-red-left
Olympus Stylus Tough TG-6

The camera’s sensor/processor combination enables low-light performance, noise reduction and ISO 100–12,800 sensitivity settings. The TruePic VIII also provides RAW capture, UHD 4K/30p video capture and Full HD 120-frames-per-sec video. Also offered is 20-fps burst capabilities.

FCON-T02 Fisheye Converter
Additional Tough TG-6 “Outdoor, Adventure” Features

For macro photography and to creatively capture intricate detail using any of the four shooting modes, the TG-6 has a variable macro system. Its close-up shooting ability allows capturing the microscopic world that the human eye cannot see. A closest focusing distance of 1cm is possible even in program and aperture modes.

Complementing the macro system is microscope mode. This mode enables photographers to capture detailed images of tiny subjects, such as the veins of a leaf. A maximum shooting magnification of 7x is possible when the optical zoom is set to the telephoto end and the subject is 1cm away. Moreover, in microscope control mode, they can switch display magnification ratios with the press of a button for observing and photographing subjects at 1x, 2x and 4x. When the subject is 1cm from the front of the lens while using this mode, the image on the rear 1.04M-dot LCD monitor zooms in up to 44.4x.

Furthermore, TG-6 has a field sensor system that tracks information obtained from various sensors in the camera to record data. They include the GPS, manometer, temperature sensor and compass. Data can be synced to photos as well as video and viewed in the free Olympus Image Track (OI.Track) smartphone app.

Underwater Shooting Modes
Olympus- Stylus Tough-TG-6-red_CSCH-123BLU
Olympus Stylus Tough TG-6

Also expanding the possibilities of underwater shooting are five underwater shooting modes optimized for various situations. They include: underwater wide, for shooting in dim underwater conditions and in deeper water; an underwater snapshot mode that records subjects using the natural lighting in pools and other shallow water for natural-looking photos; underwater macro for close-up shots of subjects such as little fish; underwater microscope, which captures even smaller subjects up to 1cm; and underwater HDR, to recreate the scene without losing details in dark areas.

In addition, underwater white balance mode now offers three options, providing appropriate color adjustment for deep water shooting. The modes are: underwater shallow, recommended for depths of 10 feet to improve red tones that tend to occur in shallow water; underwater mid-range, which tunes the color for general use in water from 10–50 feet deep; and underwater deep, for use with the new PT-059 (sold separately) underwater case when shooting deeper than 50 feet, for improving the blue tones.

Other Features & Functions

The TG-6 adopts focus-stacking mode, which captures multiple shots while automatically shifting the focus from the foreground to the background. This results in a full pixel photo with a deep depth of focus, which is particularly effective for macro shooting with a shallow depth of field and a narrow range of focus. Moreover, 3–10 shots can be set, so users can fine-tune settings for different subjects.

In addition, focus bracketing mode captures up to 30 images while shifting the focus from the foreground to the background. Three levels of focal shift and number of shots can be selected.

Another feature is pro capture mode, which shoots sequentially at 10 fps for 0.5 second before the shutter button is pressed fully. This mode can capture shots where timing may is difficult, such as an insect in flight.

The Olympus Tough TG-6 comes in red and black. It ships late June 2019 with suggested retail price of $449.99.

Optional Stylus Tough TG-6 Accessories

With the introduction of the TG-6, Olympus also announced optional accessories that are sold separately.

FCON-T02 Fisheye Converter
Olympus Tough TG-6 with FCON-T02 and CLA-T01

The FCON-T02 delivers both circular fisheye photography and diagonal fisheye photography via zooming control. It functions even underwater for zoomed-in shots. The CLA-T01 converter adapter (also sold separately, $19.99) is required to attach this lens. Moreover, the FCON-T02 is only compatible with the Tough TG-6. As a kit: $224.99.

LG-1 LED Light Guide

The LED on the front of the camera evenly illuminates the subject during capture. The LG-1 also assists with composing the image, as a constant light source. $40.99.

FD-1 Flash Diffuser
Olympus Tough TG-6 with FD-1 Flash

The diffuser uses the in-camera flash to illuminate the subject to provide an increase in the amount of light. This increase in light permits lower ISO settings and faster shutter speeds, as well as an increased working distance. The FD-1 also works under water. $51.99.

LB-T01 Lens Barrier

The new lens barrier protects the lens surface from scratches and dirt. The barrier also opens and closes easily for smooth operation, even while wearing gloves. $49.99.

CSCH-127 Silicone Jacket
Olympus Tough TG-6 with CSCH-127 Silicone Jacket

This accessory protects the surface of the camera body from scratches. It also provides a solid grip when shooting during winter and water sports.

Both the LED LG-1 and FD-1 function with the silicone jacket attached to the camera. $34.99.

PT-05913 Underwater Case

Exclusively for the Tough TG-6, this case functions down to a depth of 148 feet. The camera control dial is operaOlympus-Tough-TG-6-W-housing-lightble even when the camera is stored in the case for exposure compensation control underwater.

Two external flash units for underwater photography (UFL-3) also are compatible for multi-unit flash photography. $299.99.

UC-92 Lithium Ion Battery Charger

This new, compact charger fully charges the lithium ion battery LI-92B using a USB port in approximately two hours. $69.99.