Perception Wide-Format Media Launches New Brand Campaign

Perception Wide-Format Media Launches New Brand Campaign


Nashua, NH—Perception Wide Format Media, a brand of Worthen Industries, announced a new image for its coated wall and mural fabrics and décor canvases. The new brand features Percy the Frog, to showcase “the extreme clarity and intense color” Perception’s chemistry-perfect fabric and canvas coating abilities the company has mastered over the years.

The company’s PhotoFAB Eco line, a 100% recycled wall graphic fabric with an ultra-removable adhesive and water-resistant coating, is geared for interior and exterior applications. PhotoFAB Eco can be used on sealed walls, displays, glass, metal, plastics and vehicles.

“Our new logo is a conceptual image of the iris of an eye, which captures Perception’s goal to provide the highest quality color and clarity in our products,” said Jim Tufts, business unit manager, Perception Wide Format Media. “The color choice in our new logo was driven by our commitment and dedication to American-made products. Our new tagline also underscores that point.”