Imaging Journalists Publish e-Book to Help Consumers Enjoy & Preserve Digital Memories

Imaging Journalists Publish e-Book to Help Consumers Enjoy & Preserve Digital Memories


Morris Plains, NJ—Every day, an estimated 266 million photos are taken, according to InfoTrends research. Between digital cameras and smartphones, consumers are now being snowed in by a blizzard of digital data. A new e-book—From Fleeting to Forever: A Guide to Enjoying & Preserving Your Digital Photos and Videos—aims to help consumers not only poke their heads above the snowbank but also find ways to enjoy their precious digital memories.

The e-book, coauthored by two respected photo-imaging journalists, Michael McEnaney and Greg Scoblete, first outlines how consumers can organize their growing collection of photos—from prints to digital camera and smartphone images. Readers will then learn how they can bring those images out of their phones and computers and into the real world by creating unique products, such as prints on glass and bamboo, canvas wall art, 3D prints and photo merchandise. Each of the seven detailed chapters combines a comprehensive overview of the subject as well as specific recommendations and links to service providers, so that readers can immediately begin creating the products they’ve read about.

“We really view this e-book as a practical reference that will not only shed light on all there is to do with your photos but also point directly to high quality services so you have a concrete starting point,” said coauthor Michael McEnaney.

From Fleeting to Forever also tackles some of the underappreciated challenges of photography in the modern era, such as how to maintain your privacy while sharing your images digitally and, crucially, how to ensure that your digital photos will survive for future generations to enjoy. Readers will find step-by-step suggestions and detailed advice that can help them safeguard a digital inheritance.

“Many people don’t realize that the digital memories they’re recording with smartphones and cameras may not last as long as prints made from film cameras,” said coauthor Greg Scoblete. “Digital photos are vulnerable to hard drive crashes and changing technology trends that can render old storage formats, like compact discs, obsolete. We take photos and videos to preserve moments in time, but today, keeping those memories safe for future generations is a lot harder than dumping a print into a shoebox.”

Greg Scoblete and Michael McEnaney have covered the photo and technology industries for a wide variety of print and online publications. McEnaney was most recently publisher and editor in chief of Picture Business magazine as well as the editorial director of the TechnologyTell network. Scoblete is currently the editor of RealClearTechnology and has contributed to numerous photo publications, including Photo Industry Reporter, Photo District News, Digital Photographer and Digital Photo Pro.

The authors have also launched, a website dedicated to expanding on the themes covered in From Fleeting to Forever. The website is centered exclusively on what happens after the camera shutter is snapped—whether it’s a traditional point-and-shoot camera or a smartphone—offering information on the latest apps and photo products that will help consumers enjoy and preserve their digital photos and videos.

From Fleeting to Forever: Enjoying & Preserving Your Digital Photos and Videos is available for $6.99 at Amazon, Sony and Kobo bookstores as well as Barnes and Noble, Apple and other e-book sellers.