Kodak Pro Digital Print Production DP2 v15 and Animoto Bring Prints &...

Kodak Pro Digital Print Production DP2 v15 and Animoto Bring Prints & Screens to Life


Rochester, NY—With Kodak Professional Digital Print Production software version 15 (DP2 v15), Kodak is helping professional wedding and portrait labs to market services that include prints, pages and screens. In DP2 v.15, Kodak introduces QR code and Animoto video slideshow features, which are designed to enable labs to create “visually exciting soft-copy offerings that complement” prints and premium output like photo books and albums.

“DP2 v15 makes a profound impact on what our professional lab customers can bring to their professional photographer customers, both in terms of technical capabilities and creativity, and delivers a richer consumer experience,” said Christopher S. Van Zandt, vice president & general manager, Paper & Output Systems, Americas Region, Eastman Kodak. “These major enhancements to DP2, which focus on the soft copy, enable photographers to create a more personal connection with their clients, which in turn, can help drive increased sales in areas of prints and pages.”

By integrating Animoto video slideshow functionality, Kodak enables professional labs to broaden their service capabilities and create high-definition video slideshows for their photographers, with a selection of professional video styles and music titles from which to choose. With DP2 v15, rather than uploading images to multiple sources and spending valuable time retouching images, photographers can upload images once and benefit from the full service of their trusted lab source—from color correction or retouching through personalized disc labeling and deluxe packaging options.

“Animoto has long been the professional photographer’s secret weapon—a cutting-edge video offering that delivers an accretive revenue stream,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO and cofounder of Animoto. “More and more professional photography customers are asking for video products so we’re delighted to make the creation of such videos easy and accessible for photographers by integrating directly into DP2 v15, the market leader of workflow software.”

DP2 v.15 also now includes QR code features so pro labs can provide links to any Internet address from their printed output. By adding a QR code to a printed image, labs can help their photographers to extend the print’s story with a viewing device like a smartphone. In addition to the use in their clients’ prints and pages, labs can incorporate QR codes into marketing materials and offer print services for business cards, direct mail, brochures and promotions to help photographers grow their business. kodak.com/go/dp2