On Demand Machinery Installs First Super Sewer XXL for Larger Format Photo...

On Demand Machinery Installs First Super Sewer XXL for Larger Format Photo Books


Elizabeth, NJ—Momento Pro, Australia’s leading professional-quality photo book producer, upgraded their bindery department with the world’s first installation of ODM’s Super Sewer XXL.

Momento Pro produced hard back, case-bound photo books in the traditional manner using a sewing machine to side-sew book blocks prior to drawing on the cover. The sewing process was done on an ODM Super Sewer. The launching of a new wide-format photo book meant the book had to be sewn by hand using a paper drill and a manual sewing machine, and after consulting with Kevin Dyras of Currie Group, ODM’s Australian-based distributor, the decision was made to install the Super Sewer XXL.

Working closely with Momento Pro, ODM designed and developed the XXL machine that was installed at Momento Pro. A few modifications were made after the installation to accommodate some unique photo paper stocks.

“Our target market is the professional photographer and discerning prosumer. We strive for the highest possible quality product and guarantee 100% satisfaction to our clients,” said Geoff Hunt, managing director at Momento Pro. He added that the speed and accuracy of the Super Sewer XXL has exceeded expectations.

Momento Pro has been taking advantage of the larger format, producing A3 landscape and portrait photo books up to 1-inch thick. Prior to installation of the XXL, these books would have been drilled and sewn by hand. odmachinery.com