PMA Adds Passport to Success Program, Creates PMA Certified Passport Center

PMA Adds Passport to Success Program, Creates PMA Certified Passport Center


Jackson, MI—Noting the market for passports in the U.S. is enormous, with 13.5 million passports issued in 2013, PMA wants to help photo retailers obtain their share of the passport photo business. To that end, PMA created the PMA Certified Passport Center (CPPC), a marketing program to drive customers to select U.S. photo retailers to take their passport photos.

“The PMA CPPC program is a remarkable opportunity for photo retailers to bring in new business and new profits, with very little cost or effort. It’s perfect for independent photographers, portrait studios and camera stores offering passport and ID photos,” said Bill Eklund, PMA president. “Customers will appreciate the security of knowing their passport photos are guaranteed to meet government specifications, because they were taken by a certified expert who knows the U.S. Department of State rules and regulations. And, while those passport customers are in your store or studio, you have the perfect opportunity to introduce them to your other products and services.”

As part of the program, PMA will train and certify retailers and their employees to become a Certified Passport Photographer (CPP), and retailers can use PMA’s turnkey CPP marketing materials to advertise their premium status. In addition, retailers will be included in PMA’s national search engine for Certified Passport Photo Centers (CPPC), which is designed to drive new customers to local photo retailers. Marketing materials include passport photo confirmation aids as well as fully customizable marketing and public relations materials.

When a retailer becomes a PMA Certified Passport Photo Center (CPPC), it means that: all passport photos taken there are guaranteed to meet government specifications; all passport equipment, camera and materials meet PMA certification standards; and all passport photos will be taken by a PMA Certified Passport Photographer.

The CPPC per store cost is $140 for PMA members, $299 for nonmembers.

PMA is offering an introductory offer: the program will be free to PMA member stores qualifying for CPPC status by March 31, and the PMA Certified Passport Photographer online training and certification program is being offered at the introductory rate of $39/photographer through March 31, 2014.