Tailor Transfer Augments Archival Movie Film Transfer Service with Flashtransfer Choice2K+ Scanner

Tailor Transfer Augments Archival Movie Film Transfer Service with Flashtransfer Choice2K+ Scanner


Philadelphia, PA—Tailor Transfer, a provider of professional media transfer services, complementing their FlashscanHD with the Flashtransfer Choice2K+ scanner for archival-quality movie film transfers.

Recently appearing at NAB 2014, the Flashtransfer Choice2K+ offers 2K, high-definition and standard-definition frame-by-frame digital scanning of 8mm, Super8 and 16mm silent and sound film to a choice of digital outputs. The sprocket-less scanner also allows for advanced color correction and picture enhancement.

“The images that we have been able to produce with this equipment are far superior to any of the high-end transfer systems that we have explored,” said Pete Wolk, president of Tailor Transfer.

Tailor Transfer provides film and video transfer services for photo retailers, camera stores, photographers, videographers and other businesses. With the implementation of this new technology, they have opened their market up to film archivists, universities, libraries and TV production companies, to provide this archival-quality service by preserving legacies and providing transfers in a choice of quality, size and digital formats.

Tailor Transfer has been providing high-quality, professional transfer of film, videotapes, photographs, slides, digital video and audio since 1985. Located outside Philadelphia in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, the company serves as the “video transfer department” for companies nationwide.

With their service, camera and photo retailers are able to provide customers premium video transfer services with virtually no investment while realizing an additional source of income. Tailor Transfer provides online ordering/tracking, point-of-purchase materials, customized web links and customized order forms. To find out more about the Tailor Transfer Partner program, visit tailortransfer.com.