Photojojo Offers Dream Scope IRL Filter Kit for Cameraphones

Photojojo Offers Dream Scope IRL Filter Kit for Cameraphones


San Francisco, CA—Photojojo is offering the Dream Scope, a universal mount for any phone that’ll attach it to a tripod; the kit comes with three stackable, swirlable 37mm pro glass gradient filters.

Users can stack the filters or any 37mm lens/filter they own to achieve Technicolor patterns, lens flare and multihued tints in their photos—no app is necessary. The Dream Scope includes a true blue, red and yellow set of 37mm pro-grade glass and aluminum gradient color filters. The kit attaches to any phone up to 3.75 inches wide and any 37mm sized filter. It also includes a tripod mount.

The filters fit snuggly onto any type of cameraphone using the provided adjustable mount. And it’s small enough to slip in a pocket for quick color swapping.

The filters can be used to warm, cool or rainbow users’ photos. They can mount just two of the filters (red on top, blue along the bottom) to give Mother Nature a little help with a sunset, or they can put on all three and give them a spin to create infinite color combinations and Technicolor videos. The yellow filter alone will warm up a scene.

The Dream Scope IRL filter kit retails for $30.00.