PhotoSpring’s Automated Digital Photo Album and Organizer

PhotoSpring’s Automated Digital Photo Album and Organizer

New Device Automatically Gathers, Organizes, Displays and Shares Photos & Video

PhotoSpring 8

Los Angeles, CA—PhotoSpring 8, an automated digital photo album, launched on Kickstarter. The device is designed to provide a hassle-free way for consumers to enjoy all their photos, regardless of the capture device, using advanced image processing and artificial intelligence. It automatically gathers photos from various sources, organizes them and displays the best ones on a high-resolution screen.

“People we surveyed have expressed disappointment with never seeing their photos, difficulty keeping them organized and frustration with not being able to find photos,” explained Dan Ho, cofounder of PhotoSpring. “PhotoSpring 8 solves these problems. Through technology we’ve automated the entire process. You can now see photos from your entire collection, every day, without any hassle.”

PhotoSpring 8 is a complete photo management system in a single device. Photos are stored on the frame to provide privacy, and no subscription fees are required. A touch-screen interface and internal battery allow users to browse and manage photos in any setting. The device organizes photos so they are easy to find and share. Facial recognition technology automatically identifies and tags people, and photos of selected people can be shared automatically. The search feature can be used to find photos by people, location or date.

Also included is a built-in, voice-activated digital assistant. “This combination makes a lot of sense,” said Ho. “Users will be seeing their photos on PhotoSpring 8 throughout the day, and with the voice-activated assistant they can instantly get information about weather, traffic, news and other services.”

PhotoSpring 8 is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter for a limited time. The 16GB model is priced at $99; the 32GB, $149; and the 128GB, $249.