Picsart AI Avatar for Its Community of Creators

Picsart AI Avatar for Its Community of Creators

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Miami, FL—Picsart, a digital creation platform, launched its newest generative artificial intelligence (AI) feature, the Picsart AI Avatar. With the trend of generating personalized avatars using AI growing, Picsart is now offering the technology to its millions of creators.

“The ability for AI to create completely new portraits of a person in minutes was unheard of a year ago,” said Mikayel Vardanayan, Picsart’s chief product officer. “Generative AI empowers everyone to make amazing things.

“We’re excited to bring this new feature to creators everywhere along with all of our other powerful editing tools. AI Avatar is a fun, trending as well as transformative technology. And we have much more of that to come.”

Picsart AI Avatar

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, AI Avatar processes users’ photos to turn them into unique artistic portraits. Creators upload several selfies into the app and the technology will generate a selection of avatars that resemble them. Moreover, the avatars are generated in a variety of different artistic styles: holiday cheer, superhero, anime, as well as main character energy. Picsart AI Avatar-Picsart_Logo_Purple_2

The tool also offers creators the ability to customize their avatars further. They can do so using Picsart’s editing tools, such as BG remove, AI enhance and AI background. What’s more, creators can use the avatars in many different contexts. These could include profile pictures for social media, marketing materials as well as holiday greetings.

AI Avatar is the latest addition to Picsart’s suite of AI tools. Picsart recently released its AI Image Generator and AI Writer. Since launching, the AI Image Generator has created more than 30 million images. Moreover, the company said users are generating more than one million images per day. Picsart also released AI Background and AI Replace. Those tools generate new objects and scenes in images.

AI Avatar is available now on for iOS and Android devices. Creators can purchase it in packs of 50, 100 or 200. To access AI Avatar, download the Picsart app.