Cameras Still Take Most Pictures

Cameras Still Take Most Pictures


Despite the rise of mobile phones and other devices that can take pictures, the majority of photos are still taken with a digital camera.

According to NPD Group numbers released Tuesday, 51 percent of photos are still taken with a digital camera, compared to 42 percent with a mobile phone. Teenagers, however, take more pictures with their phones (54 percent to 36) while moms prefer cameras (55 percent to 40.)

“Mobile phones have allowed more people to capture spontaneous images and videos on the go; with increasingly better quality and the immediate gratification of instant sharing, the imaging industry benefits with more widespread enjoyment of photos and videos,” Liz Cutting, executive director and senior imaging analyst at NPD, said as part of the announcement.  “But the future for dedicated cameras is bright, as their dual purpose of still and video capture opens the eyes of consumers to multimedia memories. Imaging marketers should capitalize on the need for better and more creative editing, sharing, archival and printing.”

The numbers are part of the December 2010 Imaging Confluence Study released this week by NPD Group.