Flashback Friday—Retro Digital P&S: Kodak EasyShare M380

Flashback Friday—Retro Digital P&S: Kodak EasyShare M380


Our Flashback Friday features home in on colorful, retro point-and-shoot digital cameras from the early 2000s that have great appeal today! These stylish, ultracompact cameras have a cool aesthetic. Moreover, they will provide you with a “different imaging experience” from today’s modern mirrorless cameras. Camera stores continue to see demand for these early digital point and shoots. And that’s because anyone can enjoy these retro cameras. This week’s featured P&S is the Kodak EasyShare M380 introduced in January 2009.

Kodak EasyShare M380
Kodak EasyShare M380

The sleek, user-friendly M380 delivers a feature package led by Kodak’s Smart Capture technology. It also has a 10.2-megapixel image sensor, 5x optical zoom built-in lens, and 3-inch LCD. Advanced face detection, blur reduction as well as high ISO technologies keep your subjects sharp.

Powered by a long-life lithium-ion battery, the M380 also records VGA-quality motion video with audio. Moreover, built-in slideshow functionality showcases your photos on the camera. Further, the included Kodak EasyShare software makes sharing content on the Kodak Gallery and YouTube intuitive.

Kodak EasyShare M380
The Tech

Kodak’s Smart Capture technology analyzes your composition and automatically adjusts focus, light sensitivity as well as exposure for optimal image quality. Intelligent image processing also helps reduce noise and sharpens photos captured under any shooting condition. What’s more, Blur Reduction technology combined with ISO 1600 sensitivity reduces the effects of camera shake—even under low light.

In addition, with the Easy Share M380, you can edit your photos in-camera with a variety of tools. Crop an image, reduce red-eye, remove imperfections and wrinkles, balance lighting and even add text—all without a computer. Plus, once you connect the M380 to your PC, you can press the “share” button and you’re uploading photos to the Kodak Gallery. Or post to YouTube with the included software.

Kodak EasyShare M380

The Kodak EasyShare M380 came in black, red and teal versions. At launch in March 2009, it had a suggested retail price of $179.