Casio Announces High-Speed Point-and-Shoots

Casio Announces High-Speed Point-and-Shoots


Casio is applying it’s high-speed technology to a new generation of consumer digicams. The company has announced this week at CES two new pocket-sized cameras which will be able to shoot 30 still frames per second in burst mode. Both cameras will be branded with Casio’s consumer name, Exilim: the EX-FC100 and the EX-FS10.

Unlike traditional consumer pocket cams, these two new models can capture ultra-high speed action-shots, such as the precise moment a bat hits a ball, by recording dozens of frames in just a few moments. In playback mode, a review of the many shots looks rather like a slo-motion replay, and consumers can choose to save the most exciting frames.

William Heuer, Vice President of Digital Imaging for Casio America, said the new point-and-shoots capture so fast, even ultra-zoom and night shots are "virtually without blur."

Casio is calling its high-speed engine a redefinition of the consumer camera category. President and founder of the company, Kazuo Koshio, also appeared at the CES press conference to introduce a new digital imaging technology he called a "moving image composite."

He demonstrated the new idea by taking high-speed shots of a smiling woman presenting a gift to him. He then super-imposed the high-speed shots of that presenter onto pre-fab greeting-card type backgrounds, from a birthday theme to a Christmas card. In a second demonstration, he superimposed shots of a little boy waving onto a photo of the boy’s own drawing of a car…resulting in a moving image of the boy waving from the window of his own crayon car.

"You can send this moving image card via e-mail," said Kosio, via an interpreter. "This provides photo taking enjoyment, creative pleasure, and viewing delight."

Company reps said both the high-speed digicams and the new photo-composite technology will be available in the U.S. later in 2009.