Olympus SP-810UZ Boasts 36x Ultra-Wide Zoom and New Magic Filters

Olympus SP-810UZ Boasts 36x Ultra-Wide Zoom and New Magic Filters


Center Valley, PA—Olympus is positioning its new SP-810UZ as the ultimate camera for travelers looking for a model flexible enough to get up close for macro images or to capture a subject hundreds of feet away without changing lenses.

Featuring a wide 1:2.9-5.7 24-864mm equivalent zoom lens and a 36x optical zoom, this S-series camera is among the smallest compact cameras currently on the market (as of July 2011) with a zoom of 36x.

“The SP-810UZ is the best zoom performance Olympus has ever delivered,” said Jennifer Schmell, product manager, Olympus Imaging America. “No compact camera from Olympus has ever offered such impressive wide-angle zoom performance. As the most powerful camera in Olympus’s ultrazoom category, it succeeds the prestigious SP-800UZ.”

Shooters can engage AF Tracking technology to lock focus on fast-moving subjects and keep them in focus, even while they move in and out of the frame. And the 24-864mm zoom lens as well as dual image stabilization, enhanced ISO sensitivity, Shadow Adjustment technology and a TruePic III+ image processor “guarantee tack-sharp photos and virtually eliminate blur in high-definition (HD) videos,” added Schmell.

With HDMI control, consumers can use their HDTV’s remote to control playback functions and navigate the camera’s menus.

For added creativity, 10 magic filters add effects to movies and stills. The new miniature filter narrows the depth of focus and enhances color and contrast to convert images to look like a “magical toy world,” while the reflection filter adds a reflection to a subject as though it were standing over a glassy lake.

Additionally, in 3D mode, the SP-810UZ combines two photos of the same subject from different angles to generate 3D images that can be viewed on a 3D-compatible monitor or television. Another creative highlight is in-camera panorama, which helps capture a super-wide-angle photo by panning the camera across the scene.

Olympus has eliminated manual settings so the SP-810UZ frees users to concentrate on their subject: intelligent auto mode recognizes the five most common photo scenarios and automatically optimizes settings such as focus and lighting. Also useful is pet detection mode, which automatically captures a furry friend’s face when it looks at the camera.

The SP-810UZ is compatible with optional Eye-Fi SD cards, adding Wi-Fi capability to automatically upload images to a computer as they are taken.

The Olympus SP-810UZ will be available in September 2011 for an estimated street price of $329.99. olympusamerica.com