Olympus Stylus: A New Brand for Compact Digital Cameras

Olympus Stylus: A New Brand for Compact Digital Cameras


Center Valley, PA—Olympus introduced the Stylus brand, consolidating all Olympus compact digital cameras under a single banner. The company has been expanding its compact camera lines by developing each model with a distinctive concept designed to appeal to the different needs and lifestyles of potential users.

The Stylus cameras will all be built on a foundation that includes a high-performance lens based on the company’s most advanced optical technology and rugged construction for outdoor use.

The compact cameras coming out this autumn—currently the Stylus XZ-2 and Stylus SP-820UZ—benefit from several features derived from the technology Olympus developed for its Pen series of Micro Four Thirds and its flagship OM-D system cameras.

By launching all these products under a unified worldwide brand—Stylus—Olympus hopes to establish a consistent vision and concept across all product lines that will resonate with users. At the same time, each camera will be designed around its own unique concept, aimed at the specific needs of their consumers, from beginners to advanced users.

The idea behind Stylus is to give consumers a way to “Capture your stories,” combining five elements—technology, design, style, intelligence and active—in ways that will enrich their photographic lives. With Stylus, Olympus is looking to bring the joy of creative photography to everyone, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability. With a Stylus camera, photography should be simple and captivating, and the portable cameras will be designed to help users take storytelling to a new level, providing modern technologies and new ways of enjoying digital photography. olympusamerica.com