Ricoh Releases First Firmware Update for GR Digital IV Camera

Ricoh Releases First Firmware Update for GR Digital IV Camera


Tokyo, Japan—Ricoh Company is releasing the first function-expansion firmware update for its GR Digital IV high-resolution digital camera, which launched in October 2011.

“The firmware update incorporates ideas taken from the many opinions and requests we received from customers who filled out a survey when they registered their cameras,” the company stated. It adds new functions and an increased number of settings that can be adjusted on the 10MP GR Digital IV to improve its performance and ease of use. The firmware and user manual explaining its functions can be downloaded free of charge from

Included is a function to input copyright information on an image’s Exif data when a picture is taken. Up to 46 alphanumeric characters can be recorded, and the information can then be checked in the detailed file information on the camera’s playback screen.

Other new features include: an improvement in the speed of autoexposure control to make selection of the proper exposure smoother; a function for saving snap focus distance at time of shutter release was added to the ADJ lever and Fn button, and the setting can be changed without having to go the menu screen; and a floating black level adjustment function was provided for the interval composite shooting mode. This function can be turned on or off (default setting is on); if set to “on,” it can reduce noise at high sensitivities. Additionally, for photos taken using the interval composite mode, a new function enables a display of shooting times from start to finish, as well as the number of composite images in the detailed information displayed on the playback screen.