Samsung’s Debuts DualView DV300F Camera with Enhanced Dual LCDs and Wi-Fi

Samsung’s Debuts DualView DV300F Camera with Enhanced Dual LCDs and Wi-Fi


Ridgefield Park, NJ—Samsung Electronics unveiled an addition to its DualView digital camera line, the DV300F, which introduces the company’s latest Dual LCD technology and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The DV300F builds on the success of Samsung’s DualView technology with a 1.5-inch front-facing LCD screen that helps ensure users are capturing the most challenging shots. Child mode displays an animation to keep little ones focused, and the visual self-timer makes it easy to put oneself in the picture.

In response to evolving consumer demands for creativity and share-ability, the DV300F is the first DualView model to offer Wi-Fi connectivity. The camera’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables users to e-mail their images or upload them to social media sites, including Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube. In addition, images saved onto the camera’s microSD card can be saved to a home PC without wires, by using its auto PC backup function. Cloud services, including Samsung’s AllShare Play and Microsoft SkyDrive, allow users to store and share their pictures from anywhere.

For consumers on the lookout for sophisticated design, this latest model comes in several metallic colors, including mock black, silver, navy and red, and it sports a sleek, rounded form factor. The new DualView boasts 16 megapixels and a 5x optical zoom, 25mm wide-angle lens to capture even distant action.

“Our aim is to continually be at the forefront of innovation and maintain our leadership within the DualView market, pioneered by Samsung,” said Myoung Sup Han, senior vice president and head of digital imaging business, Samsung Electronics. “The new DV300F model is the embodiment of this goal. This latest model with the DualView LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity, ultra-premium styling and the latest creative features, demonstrates Samsung’s unwavering commitment to innovation within the digital compact camera market, as well as our ability to consistently meet the needs of our customers.”

For added creativity, the DV300F provides a magic frame feature that includes 12 background templates, as well as the ability to create poster-quality art. The camera’s picture-in-picture function lets users insert one image within another, and they can impress their friends by combining a still picture with a video clip and instantly uploading it to YouTube or other social networking sites.

Other features include: split shot, which permits users to merge three images to create their own artistic masterpiece, with pictures even imported from other cameras; funny face, to add goofy grins, comical noses or crazy eyes to photos; artistic brush, which takes a portrait, landscape or even a movie clip and transforms it into a black-and-white or color sketch; and motion photo, where users can freeze time around a moving subject for dramatic effect.