SeaLife Creates an Underwater Photo Studio with Twin-Flash DC1400 Pro X2 Package

SeaLife Creates an Underwater Photo Studio with Twin-Flash DC1400 Pro X2 Package


Moorestown, NJ—SeaLife introduced the twin-flash DC1400 Pro X2 package for underwater photographers. With a pair of powerful strobe lights on each side, the package combines illumination with an easy-to-use 14 megapixel underwater camera to bring out the professional underwater photographer in anyone.

“Why chance drowning your very expensive DSLR land camera due to a bad seal in an aftermarket underwater housing when you can get even better images with the purpose-built, undersea-color-corrected and easy-to-use DC1400 Pro X2?”asked Brian Correia, SeaLife’s director of Sales. “Our tandem of powerful strobes will illuminate your subjects for greater definition, while eliminating the harsh shadowing of a single-flash setup. We’ve spent more than a decade honing our wide range of preset underwater-color-correction modes that are built right into our cameras to provide you with amazingly realistic color output.”

Featuring five “piano keys,” the DC1400 digital camera’s operational modes can be manipulated with gloved hands for shooting above or below the water’s surface. The camera has six underwater color modes that allow users to take color-balanced images down to 200 feet, and the DC1400 can shed its rubber-armored and waterproof shell to become a pocketsize point-and-shoot camera to capture photos topside.

The Digital Pro flash on each side of the camera body creates an underwater lighting studio; each flash can be positioned for the most advantageous illumination of a subject, and an auto mode thyristor rectifier automatically adjusts flash brightness for optimal image exposure. The flashes are depth rated to 200 feet with an effective underwater shooting distance of 8 feet.

The DC1400 Pro X2 package comes with a DC1400 camera, a pair of Digital Pro flashes, a flash link trigger module to operate both flashes simultaneously and a soft case. $1,149.95.