Olympus Using YouTube

Olympus Using YouTube


We are seeing more and more retailers and manufacturers using social media tools to promote their products and services with Facebook and YouTuber leading the way in these efforts.

Olympus is currently spotlighting their latest line of Stylus TOUGH cameras, as the company has posted a couple of really well done videos that illustrate just how “tough” the lines is.

We thought the recent “Tough” video they did titled “Ice Cream Proof” was one of the best we’ve seen (http://tr.im/icecreamproof). All  we’ll tell you is Olympus put several toddlers, a few bowls of ice cream, some syrup, a bottle of whip cream and some cameras in a room and let eth cameras roll and the resulting video is as delightful as it is effective as proof the cameras can take a beating.

Olympus has also done one other “Tough” video for that line that features the Stylus “TOUGH” cameras on a playground that can be viewed here: