3D Systems Buys The Sugar Lab to Add Edible 3D Printing

3D Systems Buys The Sugar Lab to Add Edible 3D Printing


Rock Hill, SC—Following its acquisition of Phenix Systems, which allowed it to add direct metal 3D printers to its product line, 3D Systems bought The Sugar Lab, a start-up micro-design firm based in Los Angeles that’s dedicated to 3D printing customized, multidimensional, edible confections in real sugar.

The Sugar Lab adopted 3D Systems’ Color Jet Printing (CJP) technology to print on a sugar bed using different flavored edible binders that meet food safety requirements. 3D Systems plans to immediately integrate The Sugar Lab 3D printing technique into its professional and consumer content-to-print platforms with a variety of production-quality applications as well as the ability to 3D print indulgences at home.

“I believe there is a social covenant for indulgence that begins with desserts and The Sugar Lab will accelerate our ability to bring edible 3D printables to the masses while empowering chefs, restaurateurs and confectioners with never before explored digital creation tools for food,” said Avi Reichental, president and CEO of 3D Systems. 3Dsystems.com