3D Systems Launches Cubify Design Advanced Consumer Modeling Software

3D Systems Launches Cubify Design Advanced Consumer Modeling Software


Rock Hill, SC—3D Systems announced the availability of Cubify Design, completing the advanced 3D printing toolbox for CubeX users. A CAD tool built on the same foundational skills mastered in entry-level Cubify Invent, the program is geared for complex printing projects requiring real-world functionality and accuracy.

Cubify Design’s feature set includes the ability to create assemblies, allowing for interaction and motion within parts of a design. Users can view models as they will appear in the real world with full motion. The software includes 2D rendering features to make it simple to share drawings when cocreating with others. It accepts a variety of file formats and exports additional formats, including STL for direct plug in into Cube or CubeX software, making designs 3D print ready.

“Cubify Design enhances the 3D consumer modeling tools paradigm, making complex 3D design affordable and powerful,” said Rajeev Kulkarni, vice president and general manager, Consumer Products, 3D Systems, “Our latest addition to the growing Cubify software suite sets the stage for our advanced CubeX users to acquire even more skills as they create ever more complex and impactful printables.”

Cubify Design, priced at $199, comes with a 14-day free trial. cubify.com