Canon’s Pixma Pro City Senses Galleries Bring Cities to Life via Printed...

Canon’s Pixma Pro City Senses Galleries Bring Cities to Life via Printed Images


Melville, NY—Canon USA launched its Pixma Pro City Senses gallery experience, a three-city sensory gallery series aimed at expressing an emotion and capturing a moment in time through the power of printed images.

Inspired by their hometown pride and love of photography, actor Norman Reedus (AMC’s The Walking Dead), Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist and actor COMMON, and notable chef Tyler Florence each hosted gallery exhibits in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, respectively. The exhibits featured images created by the celebrity hosts and two local professional photographers, which were printed on the Pixma Pro family of professional printers for display.

Using the sensory triggers of touch, taste, smell and sound as inspiration, the celebrity hosts and photographers were tasked with bringing their iconic city to life through photographic prints displayed in each gallery. In New York, Norman Reedus and local professional photographers Aaron Warkov and Robin Riley brought Coney Island to life. The Chicago team of COMMON and photographers Kristyna Archer and Taylor Castle honed in on that city’s beloved pastime of baseball, and in San Francisco the focus was on how wine country defines the region with photographs from Tyler Florence and photographers Erin Kunkel and Robyn Lehr.

“Canon Pixma Pro printers empower photographers to display their artwork and inspiration in a meaningful way, exactly as they envisioned it,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Canon USA. “With the Pixma Pro City Senses gallery series, we looked to surround attendees with images that fully detailed every sensory experience in precise detail, so attendees truly felt like they shared the same experience as the photographer at the moment the image was captured.”

Once captured, the images were printed using Canon Pixma Pro printers and displayed as 13×19-inch works of art. In each of the main galleries, there was a printer demo station on-site where attendees could interact with the Canon Pixma Pro-1, Pro-10 and Pro-100 printers.

Each exhibit led guests through four interactive sensory gallery spaces before reaching the main photo gallery. In all of the sensory rooms, guests were introduced to a sensory trigger, such as the smell of suntan oil, and then immersed in a series of photographs inspired by that sense, such as the beach. At the conclusion of the gallery exhibits, attendees were given limited edition signed prints by the hosts and photographers.

“This project was especially intriguing to me because it enabled me to push my creativity in the photography space, which I have a huge passion for,” said Norman Reedus, New York City gallery host. “As an avid photographer, working with the Canon Pixma Pro printers gave me the opportunity to bring my images to life.”