DNP Adds DS-RX1HS 6-Inch Dye-Sub Photo Printer

DNP Adds DS-RX1HS 6-Inch Dye-Sub Photo Printer

New color photo printer offers faster print speeds and improved operational support tools.


Concord, NC—DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM) introduced the DS-RX1HS dye-sublimation professional photo printer. The printer was developed with improved print speeds of as much as 20%. Targeted at the professional photography, attractions and photo booth markets, DNP says the new printer “combines inexpensive hardware cost, low media prices and high-end capabilities.”

Specs state the printer’s increased speeds allow users to produce 4×6-inch prints in 12.4 seconds or up to 290 4×6-inch prints per hour. It offers print capacities of 700 4×6-inch prints and 350 6×8-inch prints, with the ability to print 2×6-inch photo strips. The printer also provides both a high-speed mode (300×300 dpi) and a high-resolution mode (300×600 dpi) in glossy or matte finishes.


It also incorporates improved operational support with the addition of USB iSerial for printing to multiple DS-RX1HS printers. There is also a new Status app for Windows OS for real-time monitoring, including media type loaded, prints remaining, printer status, total print count, firmware version, serial number and color control data.

“With improved efficiency and operational support tools, the DS-RX1HS is perfect for a variety of applications from print-on-site workflows and photo booths to studio and retail operations,” said Katsuyuki Oshima, president of DNP IAM. “The DS-RX1HS is a testament to DNP’s commitment to print and to provide innovative solutions that improve the workflows of our customers as well as the profitability of their businesses.”

Built to be durable, the dye-sub printer measures 12.6 inches wide by 13.8 inches deep, by 11 inches tall, and it weighs less than 30 pounds.

New DS-RX1HS Ink Ribbon & Paper Media Set

DNP also introduced a companion consumable ink ribbon and paper media set for the DS-RX1HS. The printer requires the new RX1HS media for printing, as current-generation RX1 media is not compatible. The media set includes 4×6- and 6×8-inch paper media with the option to produce two 2×6-inch strips on 4×6-inch prints or four 2×6 strips on 6×8 prints.

The DS-RX1HS printer and media set will be available on June 20, 2016. It printer sells for $895.