DNP SnapLab+ SL620A Photo Printer Kiosk System

DNP SnapLab+ SL620A Photo Printer Kiosk System

New Compact Photo Printing System Designed for Event Photographers and Photo Retailers


Concord, NC—DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation’s (DNP IAM) new SnapLab+ SL620A compact photo printing kiosk system is aimed at photo retail and event photography applications.

The SL620A kiosk system combines DNP’s DS620A dye-sublimation photo printer, the DNP DS-Tmini order terminal head and customized software. All are designed for an easy and intuitive workflow that also provides wireless smartphone connectivity and the ability to create photo books.

“DNP is committed to providing innovative and profitable solutions to its customers,” said Katsuyki Oshima, president of DNP IAM. “All of our solutions are designed with the customer in mind, from ease of use and versatility to print speed and high-quality output. The SL620A is the latest product developed with this approach that has made DNP an industry leader in the event photography and photo retail markets.”

The SL620A is an all-in-one solution that is compact and said to be easy to operate for any event attendee or retail customer. The kiosk can be set up for end-user-facing operation. It also features reduced equipment size to maximize space and portability. In addition, it offers high-capacity output.

DNP SnapLab+ SL620A

The kiosk offers various print size options ranging from 3.5×5 to 6×8 inches. It also prints 4×4-, 5×5- and 6×6-inch square prints. In addition, all prints are available in glossy or matte finishes. And integrated photo-editing software allows users to edit any photo as well as add borders or custom text. Photo books, border prints and ID photos can also be produced.

Built with DNP’s specially designed DS-Tmini terminal head, the SL620A eliminates the need for a computer. It has a quad core processor and a 10.1-inch, high-resolution touch-screen panel. It also accepts media card readers, including CompactFlash, SD, microSD, Memory Stick, MS Micro and xD, and has USB ports. Furthermore, the kiosk gives users the ability to transfer and print any photo from iOS/Android smartphones. In addition, the DS-Tmini can be used with two DS620A printers at the same time.

SnapLab+ SL620A Pricing

The SnapLab+ SL620A comes standard with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for the DS-Tmini terminal and a three-year Advanced Exchange warranty for the DS620A printer. The SL620A is available for $1,995. DNP’s DS-Tmini order terminal can be ordered separately for $1,295.