HP Envy Inspire with HP+: HP’s Best All‐Around Home Printer

HP Envy Inspire with HP+: HP’s Best All‐Around Home Printer


Palo Alto, CA—The new HP Envy Inspire with HP+ all-in-one printer addresses the evolving needs of families as they work, learn and create memories from home.

“Envy Inspire was built based on firsthand understanding of what is needed in our new normal; the team that developed it did so while working remotely in the pandemic,” said Xavier Garcia, Global Head, Print Hardware Systems, HP Inc.

HP Envy Inspire 7955e

“It brings together our best products, photo inks and services—combined with the smartest printing system HP+, our best-in-class HP Smart App, innovative Instant Ink delivery—providing families with our most versatile home printing system yet.”

Photo Printing with HP Envy Inspire with HP+

The Envy Inspire can help families preserve the moments that matter. It does so through new, first-of-itskind HP photo printing capabilities. They include custom two-sided printing; the automatic adding of date and location; and true-to-phone quality in modern sizes; for instance, panorama and social-friendly square.

Users can also choose from a range of templates available in the HP Smart app. With the templates they can make greeting cards and keepsakes from their photos.

HP Envy Inspire 7955e

Moreover, the printer is enabled with HP+ to provide a smart printing system that offers the ability to print from anywhere. Anyone can securely access the printer as well as send and store files. They can also print from home or virtually anywhere using any preferred device with the HP Smart app.

In addition, the printer features “smart ink.” HP says families can save up to 50% on ink when they opt into HP+. Subsequently, they will receive six months of Instant ink and one extra year of the HP warranty with the use of original HP ink.

Furthermore, with HP+ they can get the most out of the HP Smart app and enjoy extra features. The Smart app helps advance-scan books and multiple receipts as well as stores editable, searchable files.

The new printer series is also smart for the planet. For every page printed with HP+, HP protects or restores forests in equal measure. And the printer itself is made of 45% recycled plastic.

Hybrid Features

What’s more, the printer features “quiet mode” for those working, learning and creating from home. It is also the first HP printer certified as Works With Chromebook, to help families print whatever they need for school, work and creative projects.

It also includes HP’s new Smart driver. The printer automatically reroutes print jobs regardless of whether it is connected to a Wi-Fi network or to a VPN.

Launching with neutral color options, HP is initially making the HP Envy Inspire 7900e series available in the U.S. Additional models and markets will follow in 2022.