Canon Debuts Four imagePrograf Pro Printers

Canon Debuts Four imagePrograf Pro Printers

New Inkjet Printers Targeted at Fine Art, Photographic & Signage Markets


Melville, NY—Canon USA expanded its imagePrograf Pro series with four large-format inkjet printers. The 11-color plus chroma optimizer 44-inch Pro-4000 and 24-inch Pro-2000 are targeted at the fine art and photographic markets. The eight-color, 60-inch imagePrograf Pro-6000S and 44-inch Pro-4000S are affordably priced models. They are geared for creating posters and displays in the production signage industry.

For photographers, the imagePrograf Pro-4000 and Pro-2000 are 11-color plus chroma optimizer printers engineered to deliver the quality demanded by the fine art community. They are built to complement Canon’s professional DSLR cameras. And this is both in their appearance as well as in their ability to create high-resolution imagery. Canon says these two models “ensure a level of stunning Canon image quality from input to output, known as ‘Crystal-fidelity.’” Mirroring the imagePrograf Pro-1000, the 11-color printers are marked by the Canon red line that’s found on Canon’s EF L-series lenses.

The 11-Color plus Chroma Optimizer 44-inch imagePrograf Pro-4000

“From the time a photo is taken, to the time it is reproduced in print, imaging professionals require output solutions that accurately preserve the detail and vibrancy of that moment,” said Toyotsugu Kuwamura, senior vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon USA, Inc. “The new imagePrograf Pro series models not only deliver an impressive and well-appointed design equal to Canon’s EOS digital cameras, but are also equipped with advanced technology features to faithfully reproduce high-quality photos taken by Canon’s EOS digital cameras with outstanding image quality.”

The Lucia Pro 11-color plus chroma optimizer ink system was developed for increased color gamut, reduced bronzing, improved scratch resistance, better image clarity, gloss uniformity and shadow reproduction. It also produces increased black optical density.

Compared to previous models, the new printers have a wider printhead (1.28-inch wide) with anti-clogging technology. This improves efficiency as well as reduces cleaning cycles to prevent wasted ink. The newly developed printhead also permits a more compact printer design, as only one printhead is installed in each Pro printer.

The 11-Color plus Chroma Optimizer 24-inch imagePrograf Pro-2000

Additionally, all models employ a multi-sensor that calibrates the printer to help ensure color consistency from the first print to the last. They also feature a redesigned mechanical platform with a uniform, rigid frame to reduce vibrations during printing and permit more accurate ink ejection.

imagePrograf Multifunction Roll System

A multifunction roll system comes standard in the 60-inch, eight-color printer and is an option for the 44-inch and 24-inch models in the Pro series. When used as a dual roll, the multifunction roll system enables operators to load glossy media in one roll and matte media in the other. This allows users to print to both rolls without needing to switch media or black inks. The multifunction roll unit also intelligently sends the job to the correct media, automating the process. The roll can also act as a take-up unit with bidirectional rewind, making possible long, uninterrupted print runs.

All four models utilize the L-COA Pro processing engine designed for high-precision image reproduction and high-speed processing of high-resolution data. In addition, the printers use the imagePrograf series’ sub-ink tank feature. This feature helps to reduce downtime and minimize costs by automatically enabling ink tank replacement during printing.

The eight-color printers use the same 12-channel printhead, but the key colors of C, M, Y and MBk are arranged symmetrically in a mirrored arrangement, to realize high-speed printing and high-color density.

The new imagePrograf Pro printers also incorporate several enhancements for increased usability. These include a redesigned, 3.5-inch, color LCD touch panel; direct USB drive print capabilities; and mobile connectivity. Users can now print PDF and JPEG files directly from a USB thumb drive without the need for a computer. The 3.5-inch LCD will render a preview of the file to ensure users are printing the correct file. Additionally, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) capability connects to wireless LAN in office environments.

Canon Print Studio Pro

Canon includes the Print Studio Pro intuitive software solution with the printers. With a focus on quality and ease of use, Print Studio Pro is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom 2 and Canon Digital Photo Professional software. The software exports files directly to the printer. And a quick utility toolbox function provides a portal to launch and control the software from a central interface. An accounting manager is offered to help photographers keep track of consumable costs such as ink and media. The software also provides a device management console. This administrative tool gives users the means to manage up to 50 imagePrograf Pro printers by monitoring activities. These include error messages and printer information.

Canon’s imagePrograf inkjet printers are scheduled for late spring. They will have the following SRPs: Pro-4000, $5,995, or $6,995 with the optional multifunction roll system; Pro-2000, $2,995, or $3,795 with the optional multifunction roll system; Pro-6000S,  $9,995 with the multifunction roll system standard; and the Pro-4000S, $4,995, or $5,995 with the multifunction roll system.