LifePrint, A Photo Printer for Smartphones, Launches on Kickstarter

LifePrint, A Photo Printer for Smartphones, Launches on Kickstarter


El Dorado Hills, CA—LifePrint, a portable and wireless photo printer for use with smartphones, launched a 39-day Kickstarter campaign with the goal of bringing printed photos back to life.

Inspired by the desire to free special moments from digital screens, LifePrint is designed to enable users to easily print and share photos directly from their iOS or Android smartphones via the LifePrint app. Additionally, the LifePrint connected network gives users the opportunity to share physical photos with friends and family around the world.

“Let’s face it, life’s just too awesome to be confined to digital screens. With LifePrint, you can recapture that wonderful feeling of holding life’s moments in your hands, and then share that feeling with friends and family in a way that’s much more special than just clicking ‘like’ on a screen,” explained Robert Macauley, creator and vice president of LifePrint.

To print and share photos from a smartphone, users open the LifePrint app, select any photo from the camera roll, and hit print. The photo will wirelessly print in about 60 seconds over the user’s data network or Wi-Fi connection. Users can also receive and print photos from friends who have the app.

The LifePrint printer measures 6.6×4.5×1.5 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. It features the ability to edit photos from within the app using color filters, picture stitching, “talk bubbles” and borders; a lithium ion battery that can produce 30 prints on a charge; a thermal print engine (no ink required); and a one-year limited warranty. The LifePrint is available in black, white and black/chrome. It retails for $199, and 30 3×4-inch prints cost $20.

LifePrint is seeking $200,000 to begin hardware tooling for mass production and reach its next major software development milestone. Its Kickstarter campaign has several tiers of funding options. The first 350 people to pledge $99 or more will receive the LifePrint photo printer and 10 pieces of 3×4 film—a $200 retail value.