Mitsubishi Photo Printers Used by Ingenuity for Photo Keepsakes at Annual GameStop...

Mitsubishi Photo Printers Used by Ingenuity for Photo Keepsakes at Annual GameStop Event


Orlando, FL—Underscoring its ability to give professional photographers a unique range of photo-imaging tools to strengthen their businesses, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America is showcasing Ingenuity LLC’s recent work with LucasArts and Microsoft Studios.

Every year GameStop, one of America’s largest video game retail outlets, holds an annual meeting for its employees. This year, in coordination with Microsoft Studios, LucasArts previewed a new Star Wars game station. As the first to see the new platform, the company wanted to provide some additional items for GameStop employees to take home as keepsakes. 

This is where the services of Ingenuity LLC became paramount. Known as a leader in event photography, Ingenuity was hired to produce high-quality, instant color photos for the on-site game debut. Using a Star Wars themed backdrop along with actual Star Wars characters, GameStop employees had their photos taken and received a print just seconds later. Using a Mitsubishi CP-9810DW, over 700 unique photos were printed in a four-hour period. Each print was pre-branded with Star Wars KINECT, LucasArts and Microsoft Studios logos.

“Our goal has always been to be as quick and efficient as possible. Using the Mitsubishi printer we can take a photo and give them the print in 15 seconds,” said Steve Immer, owner of Ingenuity LLC. “Mitsubishi enables us to go as fast as possible. It allows us to survive under stressful conditions.”

“It’s always great to hear professionals in the field speak about their positive experiences with our printers,” said James Chan, vice president, Marketing, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America. “Our goal is to keep their business booming, with our printers providing that source of income and growth.”