Tiffen Dfx Version 3.0 Wins DV Magazine Black Diamond Award

Tiffen Dfx Version 3.0 Wins DV Magazine Black Diamond Award


Hauppauge, NY—Just one week after its official launch, Tiffen Dfx 3.0 software, the latest enhanced version of Tiffen’s digital filter suite, received DV magazine’s Black Diamond Award that recognizes “outstanding achievements in the art and science of video technology.”

“Providing the video community with powerful visual effects tools to heighten the level of creativity in any project is our main goal,” commented Steve Tiffen, president and CEO of The Tiffen Company.

In addition to providing the same robust and intuitive still and video-editing effects of its predecessors, Dfx 3.0 boasts enhanced multi-processor acceleration for faster interaction and rendering of images, updated host support, interface improvements, and definitive digital emulations of more than 2,000+ Tiffen glass filters, plus specialized lens, optical lab process and natural light effects, Tiffen added.

The new features and capabilities of Dfx 3.0 include: color shadow, deband, deblock and denoise functions to remove various types of digital artifacts; 113 different film stock simulations; glow darks to create stylized dark glows; key light to effect point light sources; rays for realistic light ray effects; texture for creating a customized look; and match, which matches the color, detail and grain of one image and applies it to another.

Tiffen Dfx v3 stand-alone software has an MSRP of $169.95; the photo plug-in version that works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom, and Apple Aperture, retails for $599.95. tiffen.com