Profoto L1600D Marks Entry into Cinema Market

Profoto L1600D Marks Entry into Cinema Market


Florham Park, NJ—Profoto announced its entry into the cinema market with the introduction of the Profoto L1600D. With its unique technology, Profoto engineered it to offer DOPs and gaffers speed of use without limiting their artistry.

“We have worked hard refining our technology to ensure we introduce not only the best but something unique that truly delivers customer value. The L1600D is a compact, all-in-one-unit without a ballast. It brings an unparalleled power-to-size ratio. It is a new product category that we call Mono-LED,” said Anders Hedebark, CEO.

“Our patent-pending water-cooling system, HydroCTech, is the heart of this compact Mono-LED. There is no floor unit; no more hauling heavy equipment around. It saves a lot of time on set and is more ergonomic to use.”

Profoto L1600D Details

The Profoto L1600D comes with dual mounting options; the Profoto mount and Bowens mount. Moreover, with the Profoto Light Shaping Tool system at the core, users will have access to an array of light modifiers. The L1600D also comes with a new take on the old-staple yoke. Its patent-pending swivel functionality adds more freedom of movement when setting the lights.

Profoto L1600D

“The L1600D offers the purest of light, and a lot of it, with the highest degree of light shaping possibilities. We have created an impressively efficient piece of equipment with our Mono-LED technology. 97% of the electricity is harnessed and used from input to output, which is at least 20% more efficient compared to other solutions with ballast and head,” added Anton Falk, product manager.

The light’s IP54 classification adds to its build quality. Further, it also features an intuitive user interface and wireless DMX. Consequently, users can spend less time spent fiddling with buttons and settings.

Other features include a color temperature of 5700K; flicker-free illumination at any frame rate; as well as a TLCI/CRI of 97. Additionally, it provides various dimming modes: Esp, LOG, Linear and increments of 0.1%-100%, with super low dimming.

Connectivity options comprise: Lumen radio/CRMX: TimoTwo integrated; DMX, XLR 5-pin in/out; Bluetooth via the Profoto control app, Lumenair app as well as Blackout app; Profoto Air Radio with a remote control range of 100m; as well as USB-C.

What’s more, the L1600D is for the experienced industry craftspeople who appreciate and understand the power of shaping light to achieve their cinematic visions.

The company will debut the Profoto L1600D at CineGear, Warner Bros Studios, in Burbank, California, on June 7, 2024.