Retro Holga Digital Camera Tops $200K on Kickstarter in 40 Days

Retro Holga Digital Camera Tops $200K on Kickstarter in 40 Days


Hong Kong—Holga has taken its vintage toy camera digital for photo enthusiasts, launching the camera in a Kickstarter campaign that surpassed its goal of $37,742 and reached more than $200,000 in 40 days.

Holga Digital, based in Hong Kong, recreated its vintage camera in the form of a retro digital model that employs a 1/3.2-inch, high-dynamic, low-noise, 8 megapixel CMOS sensor. The cool, new camera—which comes in black, white, pink and mixed color versions—can be outfitted with different interchangeable-lenses, a tripod and an external flash that fits into a built-in hot shoe.

The Holga Digital’s f/2.8 and f/8.0 aperture settings are designed for flexibility. Users can choose a 4:3 or 1:1 aspect ratio, an aperture setting and a long exposure for a unique shot. Plus, user-friendly auto operation frees photographers from selecting shutter speed, aperture, ISO or white balance settings, instead giving them the freedom to experience Holga’s unique image style.

The camera also features a viewfinder, an SD card slot and a Micro USB port for image transfer. It’s also compatible with Wi-Fi SD cards for wireless transfer.