Røde NT1 5th Generation Microphone Updated for Streamers & Podcasters

Røde NT1 5th Generation Microphone Updated for Streamers & Podcasters


Long Beach, CA—The Røde NT1 5th Generation is a large-diaphragm, studio condenser microphone that fuses the classic sound of the iconic Røde NT1 with new, cutting-edge technology.

With more than six million units sold, the NT1 is among the world’s most popular studio microphones. Since its release in 1991, the mic has gone through multiple transformations, including the NT1-A and innovative fourthgeneration NT1.

The NT1 5th Generation is the most significant evolution yet. It harnesses the iconic sound quality that made the previous generations so successful while introducing patent-pending dual connect output with both XLR and USB connectivity.

Røde NT1 5th Generation

“The NT1 is not only our flagship microphone, it’s an icon for today’s creative generation,” said Damien Wilson, Røde’s CEO. “Countless musicians, podcasters, streamers, broadcasters and content creators consider it their go-to microphone. And for good reason. It sounds incredible, is extremely flexible and is built like a tank—a true studio workhorse.

“With this new generation, we wanted to preserve all these qualities while incorporating innovations never seen before in a microphone like this. The NT1 5th Generation is unlike any studio mic out there. But it hasn’t lost its charm and is sure to continue inspiring creators for decades to come.”

Røde NT1 5th Generation Features

The mic’s HF6 large-diaphragm (1-inch) gold-sputtered capsule is engineered to sub-micron tolerances, delivering detailed midrange and rich bass. It features a tight cardioid polar pattern, smooth frequency response, high sensitivity and high SPL handling for a range of studio applications. In addition, it offers low noise at 4dBA.

Moreover, its patent-pending dual connect output offers both XLR and USB-C connectivity. As a result, creators can use the mic with audio interfaces, mixers and consoles or for direct plug-and-play recording with a computer. The mic also integrates a professional-grade audio interface.

What’s more, it provides 32-bit float digital output. This audio format captures the full dynamic range of the microphone. However, it allows users recording in a DAW to adjust their audio to the optimal level after recording. Consequently, they can record anything from a whisper to a scream without worrying about setting their gain correctly beforehand—and with no chance of their signal clipping.

Røde NT1 5th Generation

The NT1 5th Generation’s digital output also boasts Røde’s ultralow-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp and analog-to-digital conversion at up to 192kHz. Further, its onboard DSP for advanced APHEX audio processing includes a compressor, noise gate, two-step high-pass filter as well as Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects.

The mic come with a studio-grade shock mount and pop filter as well as XLR and USB cables. Machined from rugged aluminum, it’s available in black or silver, with high-grade finishes that are resistant to scratches. The NT1 5th Generation is also backed by a 10-year warranty. with a suggested retail price of $249, it will launch in March.